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I’m not really close to her so when I heard the news of her son’s passing, I felt really sorry but never placed a call nor did I think of sending a card let alone writing a note.
She had enough people around who care for her, I thought to myself.  And I prayed for her healing and recovery in my heart.  I had done my part as a Christian or so I thought.

One morning, as I was going about my normal business (about one month after the incidence), I saw Sarah in the parking lot.  My first instinct was not make reference to her “loss” or pretend like I heard nothing about it.  But as I was about to hurriedly sneak in my car, our eyes made contact and I had no choice than to exchange pleasantries with her.  “Hi Sarah” I said.  “Hi Seun” she responded and as I was about to turn the other way, I summoned up some courage and muttered slowly, “Sarah, I heard about the passing of your son.  I pray God gives you strength to bear the loss”.  Then she stopped in her tracks, with heavy eyes were heavy and nodded gently, almost as if she wanted me to say more.  When I saw her reaction, I  was at loss for what to say or do next so there was prolonged silence for about 30 seconds – then she was moved to tears.  I moved towards her, gave her a hug and she whispered in my ears “pray for my family and I”. 

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That one experience didn’t leave me the same.  So many times, people appear strong on the outside and our own insensitivity leads us to assuming that our words/encouragement do not go far.  But, I’ve come to realize that a simple act of care and kindness is enough to make a difference.  Like me, you might think people have enough people around them in trying moments and that you’re not close to them enough to lift their spirits. Far from it!

Let’s learn to be a beacon of hope unto others, lend a hand and show love to those we know and those we do not know so much.  This Valentine day, show some true love not only to those who already know or feel we love them, but also to the next door neighbor, the pizza man, the mail man and many we overlook daily.  A simple “hi” with a smile might do it for others, some need a hug in addition to a smile while all some need is probably a call or a text message to show that you truly care.

Whatever it is, be a light in someone else’s darkness, be selfless and be remembered for something #beyondordinary.  Be that person that’s known for always willing to take that extra step without seeking to be recognized or rewarded for it and watch how your own needs will be met as well.

This valentine (and beyond), do unto others as you want them to do unto you.  Engage in a purposeful act of kindness at all times.

Happy Valentines’ day to you.

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