Talented Nigerian Artist, Tlas, making waves around the world -currently on tour in Lagos, Nigeria!


Talented Nigerian Artist, Tlas, making waves around the world -currently on tour in Lagos, Nigeria!


In a world where most people play the blame game, uninspired and are full of excuses for not embracing their passion,  this young man and talented artist, Tunde Lasode has shown the world that impossible is truly nothing!

He discovered his love for music as a child and got his first “hand-made” guitar at the age of 8.   Since then, he has painstakingly nurtured his talent and currently blazing a trail all over the world.

A native of Abeotuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, an Environmentalist by educational qualifications, Tunde Lasode popularly known as tLas is a brilliant piano player, an accomplished saxophone player, an amazing bass player, an extraordinary recording artist and a member of the prestigious Recording Academy (San Francisco Chapter).  His music has influences from great musical legends from around the world such as King Sunny Ade, Dr Ebenezer Obey, Nel Oliver, Kenny G, Gerald Albright, and Aaron Neville of the Neville brothers to mention a few.

For his self produced record and upcoming album, he demonstrated his versatility with the different genres of music – a brilliant effort showcasing his influences from his role models and an expression of his undeniable and inherent musical gift.

For his upcoming release, tLas has lined up quite a collection of memorable classic records/singles and sounds including songs titled “Celebrate”, “Ololufe”, “iWONi”.  His upcoming music videos showcases him performing on a steel framed acoustic piano with his band in a live recording studio session.   In an attempt to create a blend of his native language and English Language, tLas incorporates his native Yoruba language into English sometimes in what he calls intercontinental R&B with the hashtag #intercontinentalR&B, #iwoni, #Celebrate, #Ololufe, #tlasmusic.  According to him, #iwoni has elements of soul/smooth jazz and is a classic; you’d only have to listen to believe.  #Celebrate is a vibrant and uplifting tune that blends highlife/makossa into a caribbean flavored genre while #Ololufe is a beautiful fusion, predominantly African Salsa flavored.  Music was recorded in one of Northern California’s most renowned recording studios, Fantasy recording studios, located in downtown Berkeley.  The songs were produced and recorded over an intense 20 hour recording session which also includes a video production by director Brian Bradley for Brian Bradley Films.

As a member of the recording academy, Tunde (tLas) describes this project as one that will be entered for the upcoming Grammy submission for nomination, to encourage for high quality production among upcoming musician in the international community.  What a feat!

tLas is currently on tour in Lagos, Nigeria promoting his latest album release “Ololufe”.  You can catch a glimpse of him on Channels TV, Silverbird TV and TV Continental.  Also, he has scheduled appearances on 6 radio stations and online platforms and more all across Nigeria!

When asked how he has been able to accomplish such feat, tLAS sites resilience and perseverance as his main drive for writing and producing his music and these are truly evident in some of his current tracks.  In addition, on what makes him different from the rest of the pack he says “You’ll find that my music is explosive, inclusive, stimulating, diverse and inspiring. Expect a blend of style and culture mixed with professionalism and dynamic use of language; without losing the essence of true musicianship.  It’s your BEST THERAPY!”

Tunde has indeed questioned the status quo, shattered the glass ceiling and paved way for others coming behind him!

For a preview of his music and to be a part of Tunde’s story, visit his Facebook Page where he has been posting behind the scene footage of his productions.

To enjoy more of what he has to offer and to support his brand, follow tLAS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Here’s wishing Tunde Lasode all the very best life has to offer!

Thanks for reading!

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    Wale Folarin
    August 15, 2016

    Thanks for publishing this, Seun. Good job. Tunde represents passion for excellence. He’s shown that since our days in the University. Proud to have him.

    • Oluwaseun Akinlotan
      August 19, 2016

      You’re welcome Wale and thanks so much for reading. Excellence exemplified!

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