SEO! SEO!! SEO!!! What exactly is the grammar and big deal?

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SEO! SEO!! SEO!!! What exactly is the grammar and big deal?

SEO simply stands for Search Engine Optimization!

Okay, now you are thinking this is only for the techies and too much for you to wrap your head around.  However, I’m saying, forget the grammar and let me explain it to you the way I’ll explain it to my 5th grader.  The simplest form!
Imagine a situation whereby I need Aso Oke (handwoven Nigerian fabric used for special occasions) in Lagos and I don’t know a vendor who sells Aso Oke but I already know that if everyone in the world says they don’t know who sells Aso Oke in Lagos, I do know who does.  And which other person but Mr. Google himself?
So off to Google browser I go, and I type in “Aso Oke in Lagos” then Google will do it’s search and give me a search result in seconds.  The search results that Google brings up might be a it brings blog or website that has “Aso Oke in Lagos” typed in it.  Since, Google owns Google+, it also brings up any Google+ account that have used the phrase and is set to public.
To the real gist…..
In order to “SEO” your website/blog, your duty as a blogger or website owner is to think like your customer/prospect.  Think about the word combination your customer will use when searching for your products on Google and use those words on your website/blog so that when your customer searches, your blog/website will pop up.

Another example is mine.  If my target audience decides to go on Google to search for a service like mine, the following are examples of what they might type:

  1. How to build a profitable brand online
  2. Build a profitable brand online

If you type those into Google browser, chances are you might eventually land on my website without knowing me before hand.  So you must think like your customers when you are thinking of being found on search engines.  Ask yourself, “if I need my own services, what will I be searching for on Google?”.  Write down your answers and try as much as possible to insert your answers in your next blog post or content for your website.

Sometimes, Google will index your social media accounts or any external accounts linked to your content.  That’s why you must always be strategic when you write your content.  Content is not about filling up a space rather it’s about filling up a space in a way that will land customers on your platform. 
**Please note, most times, the first 10 listed options after a Google search are sometimes websites that have paid Google so if you don’t pay Google, don’t expect your business to always land on the first page for search results. 😃😃😃😃

Did you gain any value from this writeup?  Your feedback is highly important to me.  Kindly leave me your comment/question, I’ll personally respond to them!

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