How to know or determine when to hire employees


How to know or determine when to hire employees

This is a continuation of an article I published 2 weeks ago titled “5 Tips About Hiring That Will Move Your Startup from Ordinary to Extraordinary”.

This post explains how to know or determine when to hire.

Each time I think about how to grow my brand, I always remember John Maxell’s quote that reads “one is too small a number to achieve greatness”.  This quote reminds me of the fact that if I truly want to build a global brand, I must learn how to hire and most especially when to hire great people.

Looking back to my own personal situation, I held off on hiring because I felt it would be a huge responsibility to commit myself to someone.  At the end of the day, even though I thought I was saving by choosing not to hire, I was actually losing money.  Great employees, if you find them are great multipliers because they have your organization’s best interest at heart.

Now let’s go into the real question of “how do you know when to hire?”

You hire as soon as you have a need.  A need arises when you need a particular skill to move your business forward and you clearly do not have that skill or you are average in executing that skill.

Then you should also consider your growth rate?  Is your startup rapidly growing?  If yes, you need to start thinking of hiring extra hands to help you scale.  Holding back from hiring can cause stagnation and even if you are moving, you’ll be moving at a much slower rate than if you bring great employees on board.

Let me add a note of caution: do not rush to hire when you clearly do not need to.

Your decision to hire should be based on raw facts, not emotions.  Sometimes, you might only need to outsource the parts of your business that you cannot execute efficiently.  Instead of hiring, partner with a reliable vendor instead.

Also when you start feeling that you need extra hands on board, do not wish the urge away.  Take action and start searching for the right person.


For example, you are excellent in serving your customers but you have a hard time when it comes to sales and marketing or accounting or even content that converts, it’s time to hire extra complimentary hands.

Remember, when you hire extra hands, you must start thinking and acting differently because you need to pay your employee at the end of each month.  This is a big risk on your part if employees efforts are not yielding the results you so much desire.

In a bid to reduce your burden, you might offer employees commission instead of salary for a limited time such that they only get paid if they produce results.  This interim strategy is great and has the potential of helping you determine if such person is a perfect fit for your start up.

Another option you may want to consider especially if you are short of funds is to get volunteers in exchange for experience or strike a deal to convert volunteers to full-time employees based on performance.

All in all, your decision to hire should bring you success.  If you notice you made a mistake during the hiring process, don’t be afraid to let go.  It’s better to let someone go early in the process than to wait until the middle when it gets harder and harder. I wish you all the best as you try to grow your brand.

Was this article helpful to you?  Do you currently have employees in your startup?  At what point did you decide to hire> Share with me in the comment box.  I personally respond to every comment.

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