How to boost your Facebook Posts and Get More Results For Your Money


How to boost your Facebook Posts and Get More Results For Your Money

If you own a Facebook Page and you regularly post on it, you’d have observed that when you post, not so many people interact with your posts.  Sometimes, you could post consistently for months without anyone clicking “like” on your posts and it leaves you to wonder if your social media strategy is working.

Before I proceed, I’ll like to share two (2) main points that I think are important for you to know.

First is, posting on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc) is not a strategy for increasing sales until you create a strategic plan for success.

Second is, social media post is not a substitute for exceptional customer service.

That being said, you must have observed lately that, once you create a post on your Facebook page, you get a prompt saying “boost post”. Boost post means Facebook is asking you to pay so they can show your post to more people.  Boosting your purpose is great but it must achieve a purpose.

Reasons why people boost their Facebook Page post

a. You want to increase your overall page “likes”

b. You want to sell a product

c. You want people to like your post


Whatever your reason for wanting to boost your post is, make sure it’s a valid reason and not just because you feel like it  or you are prompted to do so.  Facebook post cost money and for your boosting to make sense, you must ensure that you boost your post only for valid reasons.

Let’s say you sell household items and you have new items you want to sell.  For you to optimize your post and get the best results, here are step by step things you need to do

a. Stretch your post: this is the most important.  To get the best results, stretch your posts over several days or weeks or months. Let me explain better. If you have 30k, instead of spending that 30k to boost your post in one day and get 500 likes, spend 1k twice a week over a 15 week period.  Why is this important?

It is important because, it allows a lot of people to see and interact with the post.  If you spend your entire 30k in one day and then the person that really needs your product is not available online, then you’ve missed a customer.  Stretching your post over several days allow for coverage.  In addition, stretching your posts over long periods of time creates better awareness about your brand.

b. Use quality professional pictures: great images are pleasing to the eyes and more often than not, people will stop in their tracks to view an adorable picture that shows up on their timeline especially when you have properly targeted them and your products match their needs.

c. Develop a caption that will cause people to take action: your caption for boosting a post that involves selling of a physical product should not be longer than what people can read at a glance.  Usually not more than four (4) lines

d. Select the location of your target audience: this is something you need to pay attention to.  Select a location that you are sure your target audience are not where you are or where you think they are.

A perfect example is you live in Lagos but your target audience based on research are in Port-Harcourt.  You should choose Port-Harcourt as the location. And if peradventure, your target audience are based where you are as well, then you might choose your location.

e. Select gender: there’s no point selling to everyone when the people who need your product are either men or women not both.  For example, I only provide services to power women entrepreneur who want to build profitable brands online. I do not cater to men so it wouldn’t make sense for me to choose men and women.  If I do, I’m reducing the effectiveness of my boosted post which will lead to waste efforts.  If you sell to both men and women, you may choose both.  Otherwise, choose either gender.

f. Select age range: this is where you really need to pay attention.  The wider the age range you choose, the less effective your boosted post will be

e. Select their interest: people have different interests. Facebook gives you this option so that your post can be shared to the right audience and perform better.  Do not ignore this part.  Be sure to select the interest of the people that might be interested in seeing your post

Let me quickly address some things about CAPTIONS. Your caption must contain the following

  1. A compelling reason to buy. Describe your product based on the pain it is solving. For example, if you sell a drill, remember it’s not your drill people really want to buy, it’s the holes that the drill will help them create. So when you are developing your caption describe the problem your product will help your customers solve
  2. Start or end with a question. Questions are great because it allows people to give you a response and when people respond to your questions, Facebook Algorithm works better.  Each comment that people leave on your post increases the chances of more people seeing your posts thus making you get more value for your money
  3. Include your Call-to-Action. Call-to-action is the action you want your customers to take after seeing your posts. Posts without call-to-action are less effective than those that contain call-to-action.

Overall, boosting your Facebook post is relatively inexpensive great way to build your brand and if you follow these steps you’ll get more results for your money.

Was this article helpful to you?  Have you ever boosted your Facebook posts? How has your experience been so far?  Share with me in the comment box.  I personally respond to every comment.

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  • Akinpelu Rhoda
    August 24, 2017

    Hello ma. Has the change been effected?

    • Oluwaseun Akinlotan
      August 24, 2017

      Hello ma. What change are you referring to?

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    Temitope Ajayi-Salami
    August 25, 2017

    Personal I have used fb paid ad way back 2009/10 and it only gave me more likes not customers. Though I know better now but I’m still taking my time to set my biz on the right path before going into it again.
    Thanks for sharing these useful tips

    • Oluwaseun Akinlotan
      August 25, 2017

      I can’t wait for you to be back. You’ve got it sis. You’ve got it

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    Obademi Temilola Oluwafikayo
    September 20, 2017

    Thanks Sis for sharing this great information.

    • Oluwaseun Akinlotan
      September 21, 2017

      It’s my pleasure sis

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