4 Things to Do When Your Loved Ones Don’t Support Your Dreams


4 Things to Do When Your Loved Ones Don’t Support Your Dreams

Nothing can be more excruciating than knowing that your loved ones are not in support of your dreams.  It can be a demoralizing situation, such that if not handled properly, can result in undesirable circumstances.  I got an email from a fan who asked me what to do if your loved ones do not support your dreams.  There’s really no straightforward answer as to how to best deal with the situation but there are several proven ways to go about such a situation.

Most great men and women in history encountered great opposition once they made up their mind that ordinary would no longer suffice.  Also, having been in a position whereby I made up my mind to add “extra” to my “ordinary”, I can tell you that lack of support can trick you into conforming with the life (ordinary) that others have planned for you. In order not to succumb to pressure being exerted on you, here are four simple steps I’d suggest you take when your loved ones oppose your dreams.


Don’t take it personal: When you decide to that being an average person is not enough for you, those closest to you will resist it the most.  Don’t take it personal!  Put yourself in their shoes and you will react exactly the same way.  Remember Joseph was resented by his own blood brothers for daring to dream and they even plotted to kill him.  While you might not experience such extreme circumstances, there’s still a high tendency that your loved ones will step on your toes or try to limit you.  If it could happen during Joseph’s days, you should understand that it will happen now and will continue to happen until the end of times. Experience has taught me that people generally honor others’ outside of their immediate circle (a prophet has no honor in his town).  My advice: If you lack the support of your loved ones, don’t take it personal. Just stay focused and determined.

Be patient: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step!  Getting to the 1000-mile landmark requires time and patience.  That’s why you need to give your loved ones time to get used to your new journey to excellence.  As time passes by, they will begin to understand that you are not kidding. In turn, your patience, determination, and zeal will trigger a paradigm shift in their perception of you and what you stand for. This then encourages them to begin accepting the new standard that you have set for yourself.  After some time, many of your loved ones will want to identify with you yet again.  You’d become their favorite daughter, son, cousin, uncle etc in whom they are well pleased.  🙂

Spend time with others who encourage you:  During the time of opposition, it’s very hard to stay upbeat and that’s why you should make every effort to remain motivated.  Look for people who share the same vision as you and form support groups if you don’t have one already.  When you spend time with a group of dreamers like you, it helps you to always maintain a positive attitude. Also, these types of groups will help you to grow and learn faster than you would by yourself. An example is my OSBS Elite Group

Don’t give up: Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win – it’s that simple!  If you want people to take you seriously and respect your dreams, be ready for the long haul.  Truth be told, there will be several times when you’d feel like throwing in the towel; in those times, ask for grace for keep going.  Remember how much you have sacrificed to get to that level where you are and always remind yourself of your dreams.  If you really want your dreams to come true and become a real winner, then, you can’t afford to quit. Never!

Above all, always remember that the journey along the extra mile can sometimes be lonely but for me, I’d rather choose to be lonely than not dream!


Thanks for reading. Do your loved ones support your dreams? What practical tips would you like to share in dealing with situations where loved ones do not support one’s dreams? Leave me a comment below.

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  • avatar
    Oluwole Tolulope
    October 18, 2017

    I give GOD all the glory because HE has blessed me with a family that supports my dreams but yeah, they had to see that the dream is a very productive one too. I am also a member of the OSBS Elite group and the support from there dey bellefull(pardon my English, just cant find another word to explain it better).

    • Oluwaseun Akinlotan
      October 18, 2017

      You’re too funny sis! Yes the support is massive in OSBS Elite

  • avatar
    titi izuagie
    October 18, 2017

    wow! these ‘proven ways to go about it’ as you put it are valid and true.

    i mean, even I second guess myself sometimes so i can understand not to take it personal. although you sometimes wish they could just ‘get it’ (lol). but hey like you said, patience!

    OSBS Elite group is a true example of a support system, people of like mimds encouraging each other.
    Thanks for pointimg these out.
    i shall keep keeping on!

    • Oluwaseun Akinlotan
      October 18, 2017

      I know that feeling of wishing they could “get it” but we must be like water which penetrates the rock not because of strength but because of persistence.

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