2017 is gradually coming to an end and I’m taking my time to reflect on my journey so far. It’s been an interesting one filled with life’s valuable lessons. Peradventure you don’t know my story, I grew up in South Western Nigeria in the small city of Abeokuta aka Rock City and that’s one of the reasons I use the hashtag #ThatGirlFromRockCity (I will give you the full story in another post).

In the 90’s, things took a downward spiral in the country due to the military regime and it got to a point that it took grace to have food on the table three times a day for most families. It was then I learned to grind pepper with a grinding stone, cook with firewood and lined up at the gas stations for gas due to scarcity. This hardship shook my faith and made me question whether I will ever rise above the perpetual suppression.

Fast forward to 11 years ago, I landed in Pennsylvania with two boxes, a baby bump and by the time I had my baby, I had $0 credited to my name. I cried so many days and felt like giving up, but by the grace of God, I pulled through. Eventually, I got a job, enrolled in graduate school for my Masters and started my business against all ODDS after graduation.

I started as an event planner and I remember saying to myself that I wanted to be different. I believed and still believe that anything worth doing at all is worth doing excellently well. I had very limited resources, but I realized that other than coming out and shoving my business in people’s faces, I could make it entertaining, motivating and educating. That was when I decided to start blogging about African weddings and showcasing the Nigerian mode of dressing and culture to the world. Little did I know that this action would lead to many open doors, not only in my business but also in my life.

As I was blogging, I started receiving inbox messages from people who wanted me to teach them how to start their online business. I loved sharing with everyone who asked for help. And before I could fully comprehend where fate was leading me, I found myself spending as much as 70% of my time responding to inquiries. The testimonials that followed my advice to others blew my mind away and that was when it dawned on me that I needed to create a small business blog where I could send people to read if they had any questions.

Yes, Onpoint Success started as a blog and has evolved from a blog to a brand that serves women across the world. Today, I help power women entrepreneurs

As I reflect on my journey so far, here are 3 remarkable lessons I learned about building a brand from zero that I will share with others everywhere I go:

a. The beginning of a thing does not give a sneak peek into how it will end: Truly, I was and I am graced for what I do, but no one could have predicted to me four years ago that I would today have a thriving brand that directly serves women entrepreneurs in four countries. My blog posts have reached hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, built an online community of 13,000 power women entrepreneurs and about to publish a revolutionary book titled UNEQUALED: The Power Woman’s Pathway to Building a Profitable Brand Online. Nothing in my beginning prepared me for this but here I am today testifying that humble beginnings should not be despised.

b. The naysayers will be your greatest cheerleaders: I am not going to tell you that it is easy to ignore naysayers because it’s not. However, you should turn deaf ears to them as long as what you intend doing or currently do is legit. It’s all a matter of time before they’ll turn around to be your greatest cheerleaders. Many of the people who support my brand today were those who stayed on the sidelines before. They didn’t understand my dreams so I’m telling you, knowing what I now know that it is normal for people not to understand your dreams or act like you are weird. But, I promise you that if you stay your course and you can prove yourself with results, they will turn around to be one of your greatest cheerleaders.

c. Be the best: This is one point that you should hold dear to you. Why? It’s because anything short of the best won’t take you anywhere especially when you are on a shoestring budget. We are in the information age and the average consumers/customers are highly knowledgeable, so anything short of being the best will make you cluck like a chicken instead of soaring like an eagle.

In all, I learned that success is easy as long as you are willing to pay the price. Are you willing to pay the price for success? Most people I ask this question say “yes” by default but the truth of the matter is time always tell who paid the price or not.

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  • avatar
    stephanie rebecca
    November 26, 2017

    learning from zero really needs extra struggle and process more than others, so sometimes people who struggle from 0 can have more experience than others

    • Oluwaseun Akinlotan
      November 26, 2017

      I absolutely agree with you and they sure have more tenacity than those who had things on a platter of gold.

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