Hmm!! Life!!!
Last year, I bought a beautiful house on the other side of town and in my excitement, I put the word out to my friends about my new house.

They were excited for me as good friends would do and all promised to stop by for a visit one day.
Since we were friends and they all knew I’m a stay-at-home mom, I understood they might come visiting unannounced. I also knew I needed to set up the house prior to their visit so it would be appealing to them and we could spend quality time together.

As I started setting up, weariness gradually set in day after day. My friends who promised to show up stopped calling let alone pay me a visit.
“Would they ever come?”, I asked aloud daily! I whined, moaned and was quick to complain to any passersby who cared to listen. What a life!

Then one day, my doorbell rang unexpectedly. It was one of my friends who came with few other friends to celebrate with me. They came bearing gifts and smiles and my heart melted even as I ran into a panic mode. My house was not ready to receive visitors. It was filthy – I was yet to unwrap my new chairs, my dining table was filled with used plates, my kitchen was a no-go area and the whole house stunk!

I felt ashamed but since one of them was my friend, I thought she would understand.
As soon as I opened the door and we exchanged pleasantries, they all said they wanted to take their leave including my friend. I couldn’t ask why because the answer was obvious!

That day, I learned my life lessons and here’s the summary!
My house is my new brand and my friends are my prospects. I wanted them to patronize me so bad but never prepared my brand to receive them. As soon as they tried doing business with me, they could smell un-professionalism from a distance. I lost an opportunity because I wasn’t prepared. Yes, we were the perfect match, but no matter how much I wanted people to patronize me, the onus is on me to be ready at all times.

Things I could do to get ready include a clean social media appearance, fragrance in form of outstanding content and a great attitude that screams excellence. These cost almost nothing!!

Is your brand ready to receive customers or are you just inviting prospects only for them to be in contact and escape almost immediately?
When the opportunity finally shows up, will you be prepared?

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