I had always loved being an entrepreneur and a teacher as a child, but life happened and I found myself studying Environmental Management and Toxicology at the Federal University of Agriculture, Alabata, Ogun State, Nigeria. While in college, I engaged in buying and selling and also helped my mom to manage her business.

After College, I got married to the love of my life and soon after an opportunity was presented to my husband and I and we found ourselves living over 5000 miles away from home.

Within three months of relocating, I applied for and gained admission to graduate school (Temple University, Philadelphia, PA) and I also began searching for a job. I started graduate school two weeks before I started working. I worked during the day and attended Graduate School at night.

After my graduation from school (with a Master’s of Science Degree in Environmental Health), I felt a vacuum inside of me that needed to be filled. That vacuum was “entrepreneurship!”

In an attempt to fill the vacuum, I birthed my event planning brand online and my cumulative experience of running my business and working with my mom, helped me to stand out. And before I could fully comprehend where that was leading me, I started getting inquiries from women who wanted me to teach them how to start and grow their business online.

At first, I responded to individual inquiries, but when women started sharing testimonials of how my strategies helped them double and even triple their sales, I decided to start the Onpoint Success blog. Since then, Onpoint Success has evolved from being just a small business blog to an emerging global brand helping power women entrepreneurs across the world build profitable brands online.

Today, I mentor, train and work with power women across the world; helping them gain financial independence through entrepreneurship.