As a woman entrepreneur who’s on a mission to succeed in business and prosper in life, you need to have an inner circle – a group of like-minded individuals with whom you collaborate, connect and lift each other up.  That’s why the Onpoint Small Business Success (OSBS) Platform was created just for you!

Do you currently feel like you have to figure it all out? Are you barely hanging in there? Would you like to connect with those who want to see you succeed? If yes, OSBS is the place to be!

OSBS is a global platform for women entrepreneurs (21-45 years) who are on a mission to BUILD A PROFITABLE AND RECOGNIZABLE BRAND.  It serves as a learning and referral network that helps women not only succeed in business, but also to prosper in life!

With less than 70 cents per day, you’ll get access to our members “who are masters of pushery”, they push and pull you to do more and become more. They help you get real results and give you the support when you need it the most!

We are all about education so you’ll also get access to weekly reviews and mastermind sessions that will provide you with invaluable insights as to how to go about solving your most pressing business challenges!

What’s more?

  • Access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Access to the Vendors you’ve been looking for
  • Continuing business education tailored towards growth, investing and financial independence
  • Weekly online mastermind sessions
  • Weekly book reviews for personal development
  • Quarterly (face-to-face) networking events
  • Networking-Opportunity to collaborate/partner with other entrepreneurs
  • Weekly prayers….oh yes, we pray!

And lots more!

This is one of the best decisions you can ever make to succeed in business and prosper in life…..join us today.

A better future awaits you.

Be exceptional. Be intentional. Be you.


As a member you’ll enjoy these and more:

Mastermind – brainstorming daily and weekly with like minds on the major challenges you face in your business and proffering actionable solutions to promptly resolving the problems

Refferals – no business survives without good referrals. We’ve got plenty of them (as long as you provide exceptional service) to help you grow, grow and grow!

Discounted One-on-one Strategy Sessions – that’s right!  As a valued member, you’ll enjoy reduced rates for your one-on-one (optional) business growth strategy sessions.

Quarterly events – our face-to-face quarterly events are designed to educate, equip and elevate you to a new level while also providing you an opportunity to showcase your products and services.

Online Support– this is our way of helping you expand your online reach!  We help you make your brand more visible to prospects which in turn leads to increased sales!

Are You Ready to Join Our Army? If so, click here.