We understand that your business success is important to you and that’s why we are on a mission to help you succeed.

Onpoint Success is your center for social media/website content, strategy and small business mentoring.


A captivating content on your social media platforms or website can mean the difference between whether you are barely surviving or greatly thriving.

Some benefits of a good content include:Does your business have adequate online visibility through your social media and website?

  • Prospect Conversion: how would it feel if you can increase your prospect to customer ratio by 50%?  A good content can help your prospects better understand the services you have to offer while also increasing your conversion rates!
  • Drop rate reduction: a good content can help visitors stay longer on your website.
  • Build trust: when customers read great content, they trust that you are competent in the goods/services you provide.
  • Value: if your content is appealing, it increases the value of your business.

Are you ready to increase your profit margin using great content?


Can your small business succeed without an excellent strategy? Not likely!

When you choose Onpoint, you’d have exclusive access to a business diagnostic session to assess your specific needs.  Once this is completed, a customized business success strategy designed to help you build the PROFITABLE brand you’ve always dreamt of will be delivered to you!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with excellent strategy?


“A good mentor is like yeast, they help you rise faster”. – Oluwaseun Akinlotan.

Do you desire to rise faster?  Would you like to take the frustrstion out of building a profitable brand?  Then, the Onpoint Success Mentoring Program is designed specially for you. Depending on your needs,you have the option of choosing from two options.

  • 1-year one-on-one mentoring program
  • 4-week mentoring program

Are you ready to build a PROFITABLE brand through mentoring?