Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Start a Blog


You are finally ready to start your blog so you can showcase your skill, brand or even share your message with the world. That’s incredible news and it reminds me of how I started my journey as a Blogger 5 years ago!

It’s been a rewarding journey so far but as much as blogging is fun, it’s also very easy to get confused by all the options you have and more importantly by all you need to learn.

The first time I attempted to build my WordPress site, I spent countless hours trying to figure it all out day after day, week after week and month and month but today all that is history. And because I am passionate about helping you build a profitable brand without having to go through all the stress, I’ve taken the time to share this hands-on tutorial completely free so you have one less thing to worry about.

Before you get started, let me quickly share some pertinent details with you.

a. If you follow my steps, your site can be up and be running in 30 minutes or less.

b. Today’s tutorial is about how to start a self-hosted WordPress blog. A self-hosted WordPress blog is free to use, however, you need a domain name from a service provider. In choosing a service provider for your domain name, you have many options. Examples include Site Ground, Go Daddy, Dream Host, WP Engine etc. Out of all these options, I recommend Blue Host not only because it hosts my platform but because of it’s super easy to use with its one-click install WordPress system.

WordPress is where the top people in the industry host their blogs and websites and you wouldn’t want to build yours anywhere else especially because WordPress has lots of plugins that will help you optimize the performance of your site.

In today’s tutorial, I’ll share with you everything you need to start a self-hosted WordPress site. If by chance you do not know the difference between a free blog or a self-hosted WordPress site, here’s my article explaining the difference and what your options are.

Once you know what your options are and you are ready to create your beautiful self-hosted WordPress site, follow the step-by-step tutorial below.


1. Click HERE and go to Bluehost Homepage and click GET STARTED NOW as highlighted in the green button below.   

2. Once you click that, you’ll be brought to the page below where you’ll need to SELECT A PLAN. You have three choices to select from namely Basic, Plus or Prime. Prime offers you the full benefit and you should consider choosing that. However, if you don’t have a big budget, you can choose the basic option which allows you to get started. As you grow and gain clarity, you can always upgrade your plan to fit your needs. Click the select button highlighted in green at the end of your preferred plan option

3. After you select a plan, the next step is to CHOOSE YOUR DOMAIN NAME. Your domain name is your online identity. It is that name you tell others when they ask you what your website/blog site is. For example, mine is

Put great thought into choosing the domain name that is right for you. The first thing to put into consideration while choosing a domain name is that the name must speak to the essence of what you do, must be easy to remember and free of hyphens. Avoid names that are too long or names that contain numbers.

What will yours be? Enter it without spacing or .com in the box to the left below where it says “new domain”. Once you have entered your domain name, click NEXT.

With the new Blue Host package, your domain name comes free. However, if you already have a domain name, enter it in the box to the right where it says “I have a domain name.”

4. Upon clicking next, you will be brought to the page below where you’ll enter your ACCOUNT INFORMATION.

Here, you’ll have the option of paying for hosting for:

12 months


24 months


36 months

I usually pick the 36-month option because it allows me to save money while not having to worry about making a payment for 3 whole years. How cool is that!

5. Next, you’ll be brought to a screen as shown below where you’ll be required to input your PAYMENT INFORMATION. Enter your payment card information and then click “submit” button in green as shown below.

6. Congratulations for getting your own domain name! The next step is to create a password. Please click on the green button that reads “CREATE A PASSWORD” as shown below

7. Once you click that it takes you to the screen below. Enter a password that you can easily remember but cannot be easily duplicated by others.

8. The next screen you’ll get after you input your password is the one below where you’ll be prompted to login. Click “login” as shown in the image below.

9. The next page that comes up will look like the one below. This is the super exciting part because you get to choose a theme. A theme is like the interior decor of your house. How you want it to look and feel is totally up to you. You can choose from any of the themes or you can purchase your own themes. For the purpose of this tutorial, I’ll assume you want to pick a theme from any of the ones below. If you pick a theme and you find out later that you do not like it, that’s not a problem, you can come back to change it.

If you pick a theme and you find out later that you do not like it, that’s not a problem, you can come back to change it.

10. Next, you’ll a screen just like the one below will pop up after choosing your theme and at this point, you should give yourself a pat on the back for the ability to do what you previously thought was hard or out of reach. Click “start building” to start customizing your WordPress site

11. At this stage, you have the ability to continue to customize your site based on your purpose and preferences. For example, if your website is for business purpose, you may click the “business” tab or if it’s for personal purpose, you may “click” the personal tab and you may also bypass it altogether. And click on any of the tabs on the left (as shown below) to begin your customization process.

12. Once you are done, the screen below will appear and it’s your opportunity to showcase your hard work to the world. You can click “add new post” in the “content” section on the left side to write your first blog post or introductory post and like I stated previously, you can click on each tab on the left to customize your settings. Your blog/website project is an ongoing one and not something you’ll do once and forget about. For this tutorial, click on the “launch” button below and bing, you are live!!

13. The next step is to give your site a name and description. For example, the name of my site is “Onpoint Success” and my description is “helping women entrepreneurs build profitable brands online”. Go ahead and type in yours. Click “next step” once you are satisfied.

14. Bingo!! You made it!! Congratulations!!! The screen below is your last step and it’s showing you your Blue Host account C-panel. From here you can decide to log out or login into to your WordPress account for further customization or simply blast the message out to everyone about your exciting new website.

It wasn’t that hard after all, right?  Being able to do something yourself puts you in a position of strength and I am so proud of your accomplishment. If this tutorial is helpful to you, please do not hesitate to share your results with me. Also, if you have additional questions, feel free to ask.  Thank you!

Disclosure: I use affiliate links on my blog. If you signup for any third-party service using the links on my blog, I will get a small commission. This helps me offset the cost of operating my blog so I can keep on bringing the best to you and at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.