10 Reasons Why No One is Reading Your Posts on Social Media

Social media is one of the best advertising tools at the disposal of a small business owner. That statement might be true if you are currently turning prospects into customers. However, if no one is interested in reading your write-ups/posts, let alone convert from being prospects to customers, what is supposed to be the best tool can quickly turn into your worst nightmare.

When I decided to create my first (business) social media platform back in 2012, I thought that was the gateway for my customers to locate and patronize me. I remember waking up everyday to create business-related posts. At first, I received support from family and friends and everything seemed to be okay until the “welcome to world party” was over.

Later on, I began to observe that my posts had no real engagements and daily reports were awfully awful. I wasn’t reaching my target audience neither did my target audience notice my existence despite my hardwork. My major platform (Facebook) didn’t even make matters better. They kept changing the algorithms of how users engage and responds with posts and made it increasingly difficult for posts to reach the intended audience (unless you promote). Promoting my posts weren’t giving me the results I wanted either.

I felt I was trying to fill a pot full of holes with water. I became frustrated and found myself asking the question, “Is social media really for my business and me?”. Then one day, I decided to take steps to correct the situation rather than whining. I knew I couldn’t afford to take my business offline neither did I have enough money to outsource the service so I resorted to doing one of the things I know how to do best – researching.

I read about it, sought for advice and help, took cues from those who have been successful with social media and kept making reasonable changes. Today, I can’t lay claim to have arrived there (and that’s if there’s somewhere called “there”) but I am not where I used to be. I garnered valuable lessons along the way and I’m willing to share with you my top 10 reasons why no one is reading your posts. I hope you find these helpful in your small business.

1. You don’t have a defined target audience: I cannot overemphasize the importance of learning to pass your information across to the right demographic. For example, you are here because you’re a small business owner and you are part of my target audience. Defining your target audience and serving their specific needs makes have a direct influence on whether people read your posts or not. Once you have clearly defined who your target audience are, then begin to serve them exactly the way they want to be served.

2. You are on the wrong platform: there’s nothing that makes your effort amount to nothing by posting on the wrong platform. It’s your responsibility as a business owner to not only know your target audience but also to find out where majority of your target audience spend their time. For instance, my target audience are primarily on Facebook so that’s where I concentrate my efforts. This is not to say I don’t use other social media platforms but then I don’t spend as much time as I do on Facebook on those other platforms.

3. You spread yourself too thin: maintaining multiple social media accounts requires hard work and time consuming and unless you are a social media expert, you shouldn’t be overworking yourself trying to maintain multiple accounts. Yes, it’s good to create multiple accounts but learn to stick to one or two where you can reach your target audience.

4. You lack originality: as a brand and a business, you have a voice that’s unique to you – learn to speak in your voice. Try not to conform with what others do but be apt in letting your real self, shine. If you copy other people or you give your audience a reason to believe you’re not original, you are shooting yourself in the leg. If you share other people’s content, remember to give credit to whom it is due. it is not acceptable to share without referencing the source.  If you consistently share other people’s post, sooner or later, people will be sure to pass by your posts for lack of originality

5. Your posts have no value: your social media page should not only advertise your products and serviced but should also be an educational platform for those who care about your brand. If a customer or prospects feel they can gain something by reading your posts, they will become loyal to your brand.

6. You post and ghost: there’s nothing as frustrating to a customer or prospect alike than to wait for an answer over extended periods of time. When you post and then immediately unavailable to answer questions or respond to inquiries, you’re giving permission to people to stop taking you and your business serious.

7. You are inconsistent: with every other type of success, social media success requires consistency. You need to be ready to show up come rain or shine. Whether someone “likes” or don’t “like” doesn’t matter. What matters is your level of consistency because in it lies your power. If you are inconsistent in maintaining your account and being of service, you are giving your audience a reason to move on to the next available platform.

8. You don’t engage: social media is a two-way lane as opposed to traditional advertising. People want to know that they are dealing with a real person who shows empathy. As a business owner, you need to create time of interacting with your community. You do not have to do this every day but you definitely should have a consistent routine.

9. You don’t “like” other people’s platforms: everyone is busy but we all have “non-negotiables” in our lives. Unless you are a mega-celebrity, if you want people to start paying attention to what you are posting, it’s time to pay attention to what others are posting as well.  Whatever you make happen for others, you make happen for yourself!

10. You’re boring: people only follow interesting people so try and spice up your posts with off-topic but do not overdo it. For example, you may write about your vacation or personal things like family. This creates a feeling that you’re relatable.

The reasons I’ve identified are just pointers as to reasons why people might not be reading your posts. As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to figure out what works for your business and what does not. If social media is too overwhelming for you or you are not getting the results, it might be time to consider outsourcing to the experts. It will free you from unnecessary headaches and help you redirect your energy towards what truly matters – and that is. growing your business profitably. For me, each day gets me closer to that spot where I can invest valuable time in my area of strength which is to help small business owners succeed in business and prosper in life using proven strategies.

Thanks for reading!

I would love to hear from you. What other reasons do you think may prevent others from being interested in your posts? Do you have any others suggestions on what to do to generate engagement? Leave me a comment below and I will personally respond.