10 Solid Facts About Seun Akinlotan, Founder, Onpoint Success

If you are an ardent fan of the Onpoint Success brand, you already know who Seun Akinlotan is, but if you are just hearing about her for the first time, you are about to learn more about this amazing personality.

Seun Akinlotan is an Environmental Scientist, John Maxwell Certified Brand Strategist, Coach, Author of the Unequaled Book, Entrepreneur and Founder of Onpoint Success. Founded in 2014, Onpoint Success is a brand that specializes in helping entrepreneurs succeed in business and prosper in life.

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In June 2015, one year after starting Onpoint Success, she realized the dire need to create a platform where women entrepreneurs are mentored and nurtured to attain their highest potential, she created a platform known as Onpoint Small Business Success.

Since then, she has worked with several entrepreneurs and brands across the globe.

Do you think you know her already? Well, here ten (10) solid facts you might not know about her.

1. Authentic

She is authentic to the core. Always herself, she will never sugarcoat words for anyone. She will give it to you as it is. She is direct and firm. Yet she sees reasons with you. She disagrees to agree and very intelligent. Her book “Unequaled” is evidence of how authentic she is. She gives relatable, practical and easily-implementable advice that if followed, success is certain.

2. Fashionable

If you are looking for one word to describe Seun Akinlotan, it is that she’s fashionable. She has her way of combining colors and loves being modest in her dressing.

3. Approachable

If there is one person that is approachable, it is Seun Akinlotan. She is not given to discrimination either does she look down on others. If you have a question for her, she’s ready to answer and if she can’t directly help you, she’s ready to give you solid pointers on where you can get answers.

4. Goal Getter

Once she sets her mind on a goal, she goes all out to make sure she achieves her goal. She goes after her goal like her life depends on it. It really does!

5. No-nonsense

A no-nonsense kind of person – She detests mediocrity and celebrates hard work. She does not see herself as superior to anyone rather she regards people who work for her brand as team members. If you are the lazy type, do not bother to register for her mentoring consultation because you will never see eye to eye. 

6. Gratitude-personified

If you want to learn how to become more grateful, you should get close to Seun Akinlotan. One nickname that she has is, “Mrs. Thankology.” This name originated from the way she expresses gratitude especially for things many people overlook. She’s such an enigma!

7. Leads by example

If you are looking for a leader that says, “let’s go” rather than “go”, it is Seun Akinlotan. If she assigns a task to you, she’s ready to lead the way. She won’t throw you under the bus and she is ready to offer her expertise whenever you need it. Each time she assigns a task, she gives you the independence to work without being over your shoulder thereby giving her team members a chance to perform to the best of their ability.

8. Family-oriented

Although, she loves to keep her family affairs somewhat private, she is a family-oriented woman. As tight as her work schedule is, she makes time for her family. If you know her well, it’s either she is talking about preparing her kids for school, going shopping with them or even vacationing together. She is a devoted wife and mother.

9. Servant-leader

She is a giver to the core. In her efforts to give back to her country of birth, she started an online business mentoring program OSBS Elites. Where she guides over 30 women on the path to succeed in business and prosper in life. The group also involved in charity outreach from time to time. Personally, she has the inclination to help people in need. She is never comfortable with anyone around her being in need. Her brilliance helps her to strike a balance between assistance and enablement. She can smell foul play from miles away.

10. Lover of God

When you are talking about one spiritual being, it is Seun Akinlotan. She’s a Christian who loves singing, praying and working hard. She believes in living a life beyond “self” and she’s gifted with a great discerning spirit which helps her to give godly advice.

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Today being her birthday, we celebrate this amazing personality who has given us the opportunity to serve and learn. We are so proud of her and that’s why we are celebrating her today. The qualities do not in any way mean she’s perfect but we are certain of one thing and she has great attributes that are truly worthy of emulation. We wish her a happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.

If you’d like to invite her as a speaker to your next event, contact her here. If you’d like to connect with her, she’s on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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