10 Things You Can Do to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Gone are the days when after building a website the next thing you do is fold your arms and expect people to visit. Not anymore! If you want to drive traffic to your website, you must get up and do something about it. A website is like an exhibition center, you need to find a way to bring people inside so they can see your beautiful creations and ultimately patronize you or at least be one of your admirers. People, in this case, is synonymous to traffic.

Your website is of no use there’s no traffic coming into it. Traffic in this context means the number of people visiting your website. For your website to become effective, you must constantly devise the means to drive traffic to it. When I first started my website, I relied on my personal Facebook Account for traffic. At that time, the organic reach was great but over the years, Facebook has drastically reduced the organic reach and that’s why it became expedient for business owners to look for other ways to creatively drive traffic to their website.

1. Guest Blogging: The first on my list is guest blogging. Guest blogging allows you to leverage on an existing and hopefully established platform. When done right, it helps to drive traffic to your website. When guest blogging, think about platforms that have audiences like your target audience. Your target audience are people who match the description of your ideal customers. In addition to choosing a platform that has your target audience, be sure to write a compelling article that makes readers thirst for more. Include backlinks to your website and watch how traffic will be driven to your website. The good thing about these is that the traffic can span several days and months if not years.

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2. LinkedIn: It’s amazing how LinkedIn has transformed over the years. It has gone from the place where you place your professional resume to a platform that supports your voice, makes you an authority and helps you find the perfect professional communities. Being an authority on LinkedIn will help drive traffic to your website. Be sure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date and be active in sharing your thoughts with links to your website. If you share your thoughts and position yourself as an expert on LinkedIn, you’ll sure bring people in.

3. Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing has been around for some time but in recent years, it has gained more relevance especially because corporate brands now devote huge chunks of their advertising and marketing budgets to

4. Inorganic Marketing: Inorganic marketing especially when it’s targeted is one of the best ways to drive large amounts of traffic to your website. Perhaps you are wondering what inorganic marketing is, it simply means paid marketing. This includes but not limited to paid Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook and Instagram.

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5. Branded items: This is one of the most potent ways of driving traffic to your website. Printing your website on your branded items and giving those items out to people is a great way of driving traffic to your website. For example, I notice that each time I step out in my branded t-shirt, I get traffic from my website showing the location(s) I visited. It’s amazing how this works!

6. Host an event: This is one of my favorite ways of driving traffic to your website and the good thing is people who visit your website after hosting an event already know about you so it doesn’t have a cold calling effect that comes with Inorganic marketing. You can host events once a year, biannually, quarterly or even monthly depending on how big your network and reach is.

7. Attend events: You are not built for hosting events? Why not attend more events? Attending events and networking with others is a great way of driving traffic to your website. Be sure to attend events regularly (many people attend networking events at least once a week but you can check your schedule and attend as many events as your schedule permits.

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8. Chatbots: If you are not using messenger bots, you are simply not ready for business. Why? The ROI (Return on Investment) for chatbots are reported to be up to 400% according to Forbes. Once you get people on your chatbots, you have an infinite opportunity to drive traffic to your website and the possibilities from there are endless.

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9. Facebook Groups: Are you a member of a Facebook Group where intelligent conversations are ongoing and you are in mute mode? Think again because you are sitting on gold. I always share with whoever cares to listen that your voice is important and bench warming should never be an option in a community or group where intelligent conversations are ongoing. A well-thought-out comment, response or contribution to a conversation on a Facebook group or even on personal Facebook Accounts of your friends are perfect recipes for driving traffic to your website or even your social media accounts for business. When people read

10. Email marketing: I saved the best for the last. I love email marketing and it’s one of my favorite ways of driving traffic to a website. People that give you their email want to hear from you especially when you give them what will benefit them. If your email marketing campaign is all about what you sell and how much money you can squeeze out of every subscriber then you risk alienating your clients and prospects alike. I love email marketing especially because I can measure my results. For example, not only do I know how many people opened my email, I also have information about how many people clicked the link and how many times the link was opened. It also gives me the reassurance that each time I post something new on my website, there are people on my email list that will see it and visit.

Thanks for reading! Which of these 10 ways do you currently use or intend to use to drive traffic to your website? Leave a comment below and remember to share this post with a friend!