Is there truly anything like “work-life” balance? Can the scale truly be balanced between life and work? Well, the truth is, no matter how hard we try, we can almost never achieve a balance between life and work. The scale will always be tipped to a side.

However, as a diligent entrepreneur who does not want to lose work for life or life for work, it’s important that you pay attention to improving your work-life balance. Your life should not go downhill because of work either should your work go downhill because of life. You must do everything within your power to be sure the balance is not too tilted to one side more than the other.  

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How to Improve Work-Life Balance

If you’ve noticed that your work-life balance needs improvement, fret not. Changes come from understanding that there’s a need for a change. If you need to improve your work-life balance, here are 8 ways you can go about it

  • Allocate time for life and work: Things happen really fast and if you are not intentional about how you allocate your time, you might find it difficult to improve your work-life balance. In allocating your time, determine how many hours you need to be at work and how many hours you need to focus on your personal life. Once you determine this, try everything you can to discipline yourself and stick to it.
  • Delegate your weakness: One of the ways you can quickly improve your work-life balance is to first admit that you can’t do everything and secondly, to delegate the tasks in which you are not built for. In other words, delegate your weakness. Delegating your weakness helps you to focus on the most important things per time.

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  • Practice Centering: Centering simply means focusing our attention on what truly matters per time. If you are at work, get the work done with minimal distractions. Likewise, if you are at home, be there with minimal distractions. Avoid bringing work stuff home and vice versa.
  • Know when to say “NO”: Saying “YES” to everything is a perfect recipe for tilting the balance to one side more than the other. As an entrepreneur, you might feel like you were born to save the world. However, you must understand that time is your most limited resource and in order to maximize it, you must know when to say “NO”

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  • Exercise: To improve your work-life balance, add exercise to your daily routine. Not only does great exercise make you feel good, but it also helps you think better and produce better results. Experts say 30 minutes of light to moderate activity daily will help keep you in good shape, body and mind.
  • Go on a Vacation without your computer: Do you underestimate the importance of a vacation? Think again! Overworking your brain and refusing to take a break decreases your productivity. In contrast to this, going on vacation generally will help you recharge and boost your productivity and your work-life balance. Be sure to leave your computer at home!

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  • Spend time with family: Spending time with your family is a perfect recipe for improving your mood thus leading to a peaceful life. This, in turn, allows you to bring your A-game to work. The ultimate results? An improved work-life balance!
  • Join a support group: No man is an island and that’s why it’s important to align yourself with a support group that will help you cover more grounds in less time. Joining a support group will broaden your perspective, increase your morale to go after your goals and help you understand better ways of doing things.

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