4 Reasons Why You Should Write a Book and 6 Steps to Take Before Writing One

Prior to writing and publishing my UNEQUALED book in March 2018, I had always thought that writing and publishing a book would a walk in the park. This was because I have written over 1000 blog posts and published four ebooks in four years. Little did I know that writing a book would rank high in the list of the most tasking things I have ever embarked on. By the end of one month, my book had reached readers in more than 100 cities across the world including twenty-two states in the United States.


Why you should write a book

You may be reading this article but are quite unsure about whether you should join the league of published authors. Below I have listed five reasons why you should consider writing a book.

1. Establishes you as an expert: When people in my community think about where to go for unequaled tips, resources and training to help them succeed in business and prosper in life, it won’t be long before my brand pops up in their head. Consistently delivering content and publishing my book helped establish me as an expert. If you want to take your brand to the next level, you should consider writing a book.

2. Increases your reach: The beauty of writing a book is that you’ll reach a new audience. Many people who have otherwise not heard about you will know about you once you write your book. The opportunities that your book will bring to you is priceless. There you shouldn’t pass it up.

3. Increases your market value: Writing a book simply increases your market value. People value and respect you more because they know that producing a book is not child’s play.

4. Provides a steady source of income: Unlike other business activities that you do, a book is only one of the few things that consistently provide you with a steady source of income. Yes, writing a book can be extremely cumbersome but once you are done, it pays you and continues to do so for as long as you want.

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All these reasons are great reasons why you should consider writing a book. However, if you are not strategic about it, writing a book will cost you an arm and a neck and at the end of the day, you’ll have nothing to show for it. Knowing this, what are the steps to take to make sure that not only do you have a great content but that your book is


Steps to take before writing a book

Since you are considering writing a book, I assume you already have an idea of what you want to write so I am not going to focus on that. However, I want you to My purpose is to help you write a book that people will buy.

1. Build an audience: I think many people underestimate the power of building an audience before writing a book. Building an audience before writing and publishing my book helped me greatly by the time I launched my book. In building my audience before I published my book, I shared content related to business success on social media daily. I also made sure I engaged with as many people as I can such that by launch day, I had many people who were ready to support and purchase my book.

 2. Build an email list: An email list have been frequently referred to as the money list. I started building my email list in 2015. I used and still use MailChimp. If you are not already building your email list then you need to start as soon as you can. People who sign up for your email list are the ones who love your content and are interested in learning more from your wealth of knowledge.

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3. Starting building relationships with influencers: Influencers are people who have audiences similar to your target audience and can help you push out your book by the time you launch. Having these types of people as friends is invaluable. The key, however, is that you should start building the relationship with them before you start writing. That way, by the time you are done writing and ready to launch, they can be a part of your launching strategy.

4. Decide whether you want to self-publish or go through a traditional publisher: There is a difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing. Generally, the self-publishing route gives you more control and may be less expensive than the traditional route. Knowing the difference between the two and the direction in which you want your brand to go will go a long way in helping you decide whether to go the route of self-publishing or a traditional publisher.

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5. Design a book launch strategy: The time to start designing your book launch strategy is before you write your book. A strategy will give you a blueprint on how well your book will do once it hits the market.

6. Save money: I saved the most important for the last. One of the things I underestimated when I was writing my book was how much it costs to publish a book. Unless you are planning to publish a book of no significance, you need money in order to publish a quality book. This is especially through when you want to publish your book in more than one country. Depending on your country of origin and how conservative you are, you should expect

Once you take these steps, you are ready to start writing. As you write, there are many other steps you need to take before you launch. I will share some valuable tips with you soon. If you’d like to get on my email list so you don’t miss a thing, click here.

Thank you for reading. Are you considering writing a book? Share what’s stopping you below. Also, feel free to ask any question you have about what it takes to become a published author. Share this post with a friend too.


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  1. Great read.
    I have a book in view, but am not a good story teller. The editor I got is too slow for my liking.
    What is the way forward ma?
    Thanks for sharing ma.

    November 25, 2018, 3:01 pm
    1. A big congratulations ma! The book publishing process is a painstakingly long process and I would recommend that you should be patience. As per the storytelling part, I will reach out to you about that. Thank you, ma.

      November 25, 2018, 9:26 pm