The first time I ever used a personal computer was in 2003. I remember the keyboard being awkward and I couldn’t seem to type with my two hands. It was a long process for me as I had no one to teach me how to make the best use of it. Despite my situation, I was determined to learn how to use the computer one day at a time. Today, I can’t claim to be a “PRO” today but over the years, I have come to realize that there’s nothing we cannot achieve if we are truly determined and patient.wing

When I started Onpoint Success, I wanted to build a profitable brand while helping other power women achieve the same. I knew quite well that for me to build a profitable brand, I needed customers who would appreciate the value I brought to the table and are willing to pay me in exchange for the value.

It was an uphill battle as I didn’t get my first paying customer until after 15 months. Once I got my first customer, it became easier to get my second customer and then the third and subsequently, things became easier and easier and now, I have clients in 5 countries around the world and counting.


Let’s talk about the fundamentals first. Before you can become a brand in demand, you must believe you can become a brand in demand. There’s very little you can achieve when you doubt yourself. Believing in yourself goes a long way in giving you the right mindset that will help you achieve your goal in business and ultimately in life.

Becoming a brand in demand is easy, however, it requires that you follow the principles of success. For the purpose of simplicity, here are 4 things you should do to become a brand in demand

  1. Know your target: as the hunter never leaves home without knowing the type of animal it wants to hunt for in the jungle, so also you should not run your business without having a clear picture of who you want to serve in the marketplace. To become a brand in demand, you must know who you are targeting so you can have the right tools to serve them
  2. Know your keywords: I think this was one area I struggled with at first and it stems from not properly defining your target audience. Think of your keywords as the key needed to unlock the purse of your target audience. If you try to unlock their purses with a wrong key, it’s almost like you are embarking on mission impossible. If you want to become a brand in demand you must know your keywords so your audience can be attracted to your brand.
  3. Show your experience: this is a “must” especially in a highly competitive marketplace. You cannot afford to be the best-kept secret. How can you show your experience? The best ways include owning a blog, hosting live shows, speaking at events etc. Knowledge kept to oneself is of no use to you and those around you.
  4. Differentiate yourself: having experience is never enough. The real question is, how are you different from all others in your niche. If you don’t know how you are different from your competitors or if there’s no real difference between you and your competitors, it will be hard for you to build a brand in demand. When you want to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, first analyze the weakness of your competitors and see if their weakness match your strength. If their weakness is also your weakness, then it’s difficult to become a brand in demand.


Thank you for reading. Which of the steps jumped out at you? Please leave a comment and share this post with a friend.


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