There’s no faster way to rise in business than having an exceptional mentor. You could read all the business books in the world, attend every seminar or even go to a business school, if you do not have a mentor who will guide you through the early days, you would find out sooner or later that you are investing lots of time into personal experience which you could have gotten for a fraction if you had a mentor. That being said, not all mentors are exceptional and if you want to fly rather than crawl, you must choose an exceptional mentor. How do you know the difference between an exceptional mentor and one who isn’t? It is by their attributes. There are certain attributes associated with an exceptional mentor and in this article, I have listed 5 attributes of an exceptional mentor. This does not mean these are the only attributes of an exceptional mentor, but it does mean that your mentor should have these attributes before you can think of him/her as exceptional.

Okay, so before I delve right in, I will like to share the definition of a mentor according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, a mentor is defined as a trusted counselor or guide.

This means that at the basic level, your mentor must be trustworthy (meaning when you share your business details, it should not become the topic in town) and must be a guide. When a mentor is your guide, they simply help you navigate your path helping you avoid pitfalls that they have fallen into and ultimately helping you arrive at your destination faster than you would by yourself.

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Now let’s explore the 5 attributes an exceptional mentor.

  1. Your mentor must be available: an exceptional mentor must not be too busy, he/she must be available to attend to your needs. There should be a regularly scheduled time where you meet and rub minds
  2. Your mentor must multiply: when I say “multiply,” I mean your mentor must not only be satisfied in having you as a follower, he/she must be committed to equipping you to mentor others as well. There’s no
  3. Your mentor must be willing to learn: yes, while it is true that an ideal mentor is someone who has yielded results, he/she must continually commit to learning. The fastest way to becoming irrelevant is by failing to learn continuously.
  4. Your mentor must open doors for you: Good mentors teach you the “what,” but exceptional mentors will open doors for you. Your success is their priority and they are willing to bring you into their circle by opening doors for you and introducing you to those who might need your services. If your mentor is too busy to give you a shoutout, share opportunities with you or even too busy to share your posts on occasion, then your mentor is not exceptional.
  5. Your mentor must help you rise: This is the ultimate of all. One of my quotes, “mentors are like yeast. They help you rise faster”, succinctly captures this. If you have a mentor and your life is not better for it, it’s time to look elsewhere.

If you must choose a mentor, you must choose wisely. It is not enough that your mentor bears results, it is more important that they can help you bear results as well. Mentors are simply invaluable and when you have an exceptional one, the least you can do is to express your gratitude and not take the opportunity for granted.

If you are a mentor, do you do these for your mentees? If you are a mentee, does your mentor have any of these attributes? Share with me below and then go and appreciate your mentor!


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