5 Fast Ways to Make Your Customers Say Goodbye to Your Online Business

Building a business requires a lot of sweat and one of the ways you can feel fulfilled as an entrepreneur is having customers who appreciate the value you bring to the table. However, bringing value to the table is not enough to keep your customers especially in a crowded marketplace. You need to go above and beyond the call of duty to prevent customers from saying goodbye to your brand. If you own a business and you’ve noticed that many of your customers say goodbye to your brand too soon, you need to dive deeper to find out why instead of denying it, shrugging it off or giving the excuse that the market is saturated.

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Diving deeper to uncover the reasons why customers are saying goodbye to your brand will not only help you with developing a solid business strategy, but it will also teach you valuable lessons you can pass down to your team.

Posting and Ghosting

You may or may not have heard about the term, “posting and ghosting” but it’s a term used when you are fond of publishing a post on your social media accounts for your business and then failing to respond to comments or inquiries. From our conversations with several entrepreneurs, there are several reasons for this which includes but not limited to insufficient time, not knowing how to respond, online posts being a distraction, etc.

Whatever the reason is for you, one thing you need to bear in mind is that if you are fond of posting and ghosting, then you’ll experience more customers who say goodbye to your brand than those who decide to stick with you. The 21st-century consumers want to build a relationship with their brand of choice and if you appear only to disappear for several hours, then you are sending a strong signal that you have other things competing for your attention. In turn, they start looking elsewhere and in no time will say goodbye to your brand.

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If you are always busy or pressed for time, you can choose to schedule some time to interact with your audience or outsource that activity to someone else. You can use social media agencies or even employ the services of young graduates or students who are looking for an internship.

Inconsistent posting

Being inconsistent with the frequency you post online is also another fast way to make customers say goodbye to your brand. If you want to stand out online and build a profitable brand, you must be consistent in your posting. Posting is not just about posting whenever you like, it’s about posting when you feel like posting and more importantly, posting when you don’t feel like posting. Once you allow your feelings and emotions to decide when or when not to post, then you begin to leave a trail of inconsistency.

To prevent inconsistency, plan your content ahead of time. If you need to schedule your posts, you can schedule directly on Facebook and Instagram via the Creator Studio (under the publishing tools tab) or use third-party services like Buffer, Hootsuite, Coschedule, Acuity Scheduling, Later, Planoly, Tailwind, etc.

Posting content with no value

The 21st-century consumer is an audience loves value. People will stick with you for value and therefore if you’ve been experiencing lots of customers saying goodbye to your brand, it might be because you are sharing content with no value. How valuable is your content? How do people feel after reading from you? Does your content make your audience yearn for more or is it a turnoff? These are questions to need to answer so you can improve your efforts.

Many entrepreneurs say they are at a loss of what to post. This is where research comes in. Study your competitors and watch what and how they posts, read the news for updates and trends in your industry, attend events to get the inside scoop of the latest, read good books that will inspire you to come up with good ideas, etc.

Whatever you need to do to be sure your content is topnotch is what you should do.

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Shabby Responses

One fast way to make customers say goodbye to your brand is to respond shabbily to inquiries. Each time you do this for whatever reason, you are simply telling the customer that you don’t care. When people ask you questions about your products (goods/services), the onus is on you to answer those question in detail and make the customer feel like you care. Sometimes, you might have the details of the product on your website or even in your social media caption and people still ask questions about it, take your time to give a detailed response that signals to the person that you truly care beyond the sale.

Products not as shown

Delivering products to customers that in no way looks like what you advertised is one fast way to make customers say goodbye to your brand. In trying to share visually-appealing images of your products, you need to remember that there’s a thin line between being deceptive and being intentional about sharing the details of your products. Being deceptive means that you shared pictures online that are nowhere close to what the product looks like. This includes quality, color shade, product size, etc. If you want to keep your customers, keep your integrity.

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Bottom line: Customers have options and it is your duty as an entrepreneur to do all you can to prevent them from saying goodbye to your brand.

Thank you for reading. What other fast ways are there to make customers say goodbye to your brand? Join the conversation and leave a comment below. Also, remember to subscribe and share this post with a friend.

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