5 Public Speaking Tips That Can Help You Calm Your Nerves

Public speaking can be frightening for some people. All depending on your level of nervousness, it plays a factor in your personality type, which attributes from the size of the audience or the location of the event.  As an entrepreneur, there will be times when you need to speak publicly either to a small audience such as your employees or to a large audience such as attendees of a public event. The good thing about public speaking is that the strategy needed to speak to all types of audience sizes are the same. This means that whether you are speaking to one person or a multitude, the same strategy applies.

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Why Is Public Speaking Important 

Public speaking is an important factor when it comes to branding. Being able to charm your audience and persuade them in believing in your idea. When you speak you have to be confident and know the facts. Knowing what you’re talking about would definitely guide you through an oral presentation without halting.

What is public speaking used for? Public speaking is an everyday skill that is required of an individual to address an issue. Whether it’s a presentation at work, a group project at school or during a sermon at church. Being able to stand in front of a crowd of people it’s an easy task, it takes is practice.

How to Calm Your Nerves

If you have an upcoming presentation and you feel some levels of nervousness, don’t worry. It is a completely normal feeling that can be effectively managed if you are willing to take active steps that help calm you down. Here are 5 tips that can help you calm your nerves.

1. Prepare Beforehand

The word prepare may sound like a cliche but it’s exactly what you need to build your confidence and calm your nerves. When you are well-prepared, you are less-tensed and can handle the stage better. A great preparation starts with creating a list of all the things you need for your presentation. Examples of things you may need include a PowerPoint, handouts, pictures, presentation sheets, markers, etc.

Start creating the lists of the items you need and how to get those things beforehand. Waiting until the last minute may throw you off balance thus increasing your levels of nervousness.

2. Write Out Your Presentation

One of the mistakes a lot of people make is that they feel they can present from their heads. This means that they generally have an idea of what they plan to say or present in their heads but fail to write down their presentation. Writing your entire presentation not only provides you with the opportunity to get everything out of your head, but it also helps you to coordinate your presentation better. The chances of forgetting something you wanted to say is highly reduced and you will surely be less nervous on the day of the presentation.

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3. Practice, Practice, Practice

Once you are done writing your presentation, the next thing is to practice as many times as you can before the presentation day. Practicing means standing up in front of a mock audience and giving the presentation in front of people. What if you do not have anyone you can present to? You can practice by presenting in front of a mirror. Pretending like there’s an audience in front of you waiting for you to deliver your speech. If you practice enough, you will find out that as the day draws nigh, you feel less nervous and more confident.

4. Arrive Early

On the day of your presentation, other than getting enough rest, be sure to arrive at the location early. Arriving early gives you the opportunity to study your surroundings, meet some of the members of the audience and test out your presentation materials to see if they are all working properly. Arriving late will throw you off balance, make you even more nervous and it might also lead to poor performance.  You can avoid these things by arriving early.

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5. Talk at a Comfortable Pace

The fastest way to increase your level of nervousness during a public presentation is to try and talk too fast or too low. When you talk too fast or too slow, you will lose your audience and once you lose them, it becomes extremely difficult to redirect their attention to your presentation.

Also, talking too fast or too slow will make you forget some of your lines and this is not what you want either. To have a successful presentation and calm your nerves, you need to learn how to talk at a comfortable pace. Do not talk too fast or too slow. Instead, take the time to speak at a pace where your diction is loud enough to reach the back of the room and also that your message is well-received.


Public speaking is a highly rewarding skill to have and if you follow the steps highlighted above, you will feel less nervous while giving your presentations.

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