5 Reasons Why You Should Join Onpoint Small Business Success Elite

Onpoint Small Business Success Elite (#OSBSElite) is an exclusive online mentoring platform powered by Onpoint Success. It is a community of like-minded power women entrepreneurs who are on a mission to succeeding in business and prosper in life.

The platform was created in 2015 to help power women entrepreneurs gain their footing in the world of entrepreneurship.  The platform provides an avenue for power women entrepreneurs across the world to be mentored and it is also a training ground for women who are interested in becoming leaders. Mentees become mentors who train other mentees and the cycle keeps going.

If you are a young woman entrepreneur that is looking for a platform that will guide you through the rigorous terrain of entrepreneurship, #OSBSElite is the platform for you and if you are wondering why you should join, here are 5 reasons that can help you to make one of the most important decision in your entrepreneurial journey.

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You love being an entrepreneur, but are you clear on what steps you need to take to make your dreams come true? The lack of clarity is a big reason for business failure. When you join #OSBSElite, you’ll go through a process that will help you gain clarity. You’ll learn how to properly plan for your business, set financial targets and how to go about achieving your target.


One thing you need to continually sustain your momentum as a business person is “inspiration”. As a member of #OSBSElite, the chances of being uninspired is slim. Why? You’ll be surrounded by other power women who will daily inspire you with their innovation.

If you are surrounded by women who are blazing trails, it becomes hard for you not to be inspired. Inspiration is the fuel you need to keep going and you’ll never lack that with the #OSBSElite platform.


There’s no man that is an island and no matter how strong you think you are, you’ll need support from other people from time to time. If you believe you need true support from others while growing your brand, then you’ve found a place of support in #OSBSElite.

The amazing thing with how members support one another is that the support extends into your personal life. Members are willing to support you in whatever way you legally desire. Support is the core of #OSBSElite

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As a member of #OSBSElite, you’ll gain visibility for your brand. Members go all out to send referrals your way while also encouraging you to sharpen your skills.


If you believe in the power of prayers, #OSBSElite is a platform for you. Members come together weekly to pray about business and life and the results from this weekly activity have been astounding!! The testimonies will wow you. You need to experience it before you can fully comprehend it.

If you are ready to join #OSBSElite, click this link and join the waitlist. Members are only accepted quarterly.

P.S. If you prefer one-on-one business mentoring, it’s also available at a discounted rate for Elite members.  

If you are already itching to be a part of this closely knitted community of power women, click here to learn more details

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