5 Things to do When Others Take Credit for Your Work

Have you ever worked so hard on a project and at the end of the day, others take all the credit for the work you’ve done without acknowledging your contributions? How did you feel? Discouraged, drained and frustrated? Yes, these emotions and many more are associated with situations when others try to steal the show for one’s hard work and sweat!

Does that mean you should put up a fight? Absolutely, not! If you find yourself in an environment where someone consistently takes credit for your work, here are 5 things you can do to stop the recurrence of such incidence(s).

Avoid discussing your ideas in private

When you work in an environment where others are prone to taking credit for the work you do, then you need to come up with strategies to avoid private discussions.

Whenever the need arises to talk about an ongoing project, try everything within your power to involve as many members of the team as possible.

Also, instead of having random discussions, you can set up a time weekly or whatever frequency that works for you and your team to meet for a project status update

Follow up discussions with documented evidence

After a meeting or a discussion about the work you’ve put into a project, be sure to follow up with documented evidence such as memos, letters or email. This will help create a trail that cannot be denied in the future. In the documented evidence, be sure to state in clear terms what your contributions were and the status of the project.

To take it a step further, you might share the evidence with other team members and even your higher-ups.

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Do not confront them

When other team members take credit for your work, you might be tempted to confront the person. However, this can be a delicate path to tread because you never can tell how the person will react.

Instead of confronting them, keep your cool and strategize on how to nip the situation in the bud without any type of aggravation.

Model the behavior you want

Many times, the best way to pass a great message across to an erring party is to model the behavior we want.

For example, if another team member does something great, acknowledge the person’s effort publicly. Doing so in the presence of other team members who are fond of taking the credit for other people’s work, will help inspire them toward giving you the credit for your work as well.

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Keep working harder

Truth be told, when others take the credit for your work repeatedly, it might reduce, if not, eliminate the motivation you have for going all out. When your motivation is minimal or eliminated, you might be tempted to start being lackadaisical about your work.

However, as a diligent worker, you should try all you can and not allow the actions of other team members to affect the level of energy you put into your work. In other words, do not withdraw into your shell.

Instead, work harder and put in your best in whatever you do. If you keep at it, one day, your hard work will pay off and you’ll reap huge benefits for it.

Thank you for reading.

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