5 Ways to Effectively Deal with Frustration as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship can be highly challenging, and every entrepreneur will have their share of ups and downs at some point during the journey. Disappointments, the lack of trustworthy vendors, low sales, inadequate marketing strategy are examples of things that can create downtime in your business such that if care is not taken, it can lead to frustration.

What you do when you become frustrated then becomes important. Why? This is because if you take the wrong step, it might ultimately lead to the failure of your business.

You are a hard worker and you started your business because you believed you can contribute something phenomenal to the world while making a living from it. You did not start your business to fail and even though the journey is filled with many bumpy steps that can easily get under your skin and make you frustrated, you should try your best not to.

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How to Effectively Deal with Frustration

Everyone is different and therefore, we react to things differently. In order to effectively deal with frustration, you must first understand that whatever problem you are going through has a solution. No matter how hard or tough things may seem, every business problem has a solution.

Once you have this at the back of your mind, it helps you handle frustrating moments more effectively. Below, we shared five (5) ways that can help you deal effectively with frustration.

1. Talk to Someone You Trust

When you are frustrated, the most convenient thing to do is to complain, grumble, blame, point fingers and sulk. However, there’s a better approach. The better approach is to bare your heart to someone you trust. This person may not necessarily have an answer or a solution, but they must be willing to listen actively.

Active listening is a powerful way of making you feel relieved. It’s a therapeutic process that instantly relieves you of the burden or frustration. Find an Accountability Partner

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2. Take a Thinking Break

As an entrepreneur, there’s a slight chance that you think a lot. On the surface, the act of thinking appears effortless but when you think too much, your thought process becomes saturated such that you can barely come up with great solutions.

When you find yourself in shoes like what we just described, know that it’s time to take a “thinking” break. It’s time to retreat, rest your brain, rejuvenate and then, re-fire. A “thinking” break gives you the opportunity to gain a new perspective and also it gives you a new level of energy to keep going. Take a thinking break whenever you are frustrated!

3. Outsource Tasks for Which You are Not Built For

One thing that leads to frustration for many entrepreneurs is falling for the trap of “doing it all.” Working on tasks for which you are not built for will lead to frustration and the way to ease that frustration is to learn to let go. You cannot solve all the problems in your business no matter how talented you think you are.

This will eventually lead to frustration and that’s if you are not frustrated already. Refrain from telling people that you wear many hats – it won’t make you the savior of the world. So, start reducing the number of hats you are wearing and give other hats away in the form of outsourcing tasks for which you are not built for. The moment you start outsourcing tasks that do not feel natural to you, you’ll begin to experience the rate at which your frustration will reduce.

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4. Make Your Employees Co-thinkers

If you have employees, one of the things you need to start doing with them, if you are not doing already is to make them co-thinkers. What does this mean? The word, co-thinkers mean exactly what it suggests and that is, people you can think together.

At first, it may seem like the people who work for you have little to nothing to contribute but you’ll be surprised when you engage them in an open work environment the number of ideas they can propose.

A single tree no matter how powerful it is cannot make a forest. So also, no matter how great or talented you are, you need the input of those that work in your organization to move forward. Ask your employees to think with you, give them the opportunity to present their ideas and also provide an atmosphere of collaboration, then watch how quickly your frustration will ease

5. Hire a Business Strategist

Business strategists are professionals and they are skilled at what they do. When you are frustrated about your business, it might be wise to bring in an experienced strategist who can give you a different perspective on how to approach an issue or solve a problem. They provide you with an in-depth analysis and come up with effective solutions that will help you make your dreams come true

At the end of the day, you should realize that being frustrated is a normal part of the process. Also, use the resources around you to your advantage. Do not be given to complaining and playing the blame game. Instead, look inward and see areas in which you can improve and then work things out to help you ease if not eliminate your frustration.

Thank you for reading! What is one thing you will take away from reading this article? Please share it in the comment box below.

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