5 Ways to Influence Prospects

The most important job of an entrepreneur is to make sales and profit and the only way you can do this is by knowing how to influence prospects and turn them from prospects into customers into raving fans. How do you influence prospects to buy from you? Here are five ways to.

Use Social Proof

When a prospect first hears about your business, one of the first questions such prospects are asking is, “why should I trust you?” How can you establish trust with prospects? One way you can establish trust and influence prospects to become customers is by using social proofs.

What are social proofs?

Social proofs are things you can show prospects that make them believe in what you have to offer.

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For example, testimonials from real people or public figures about your goods and services are great social proofs. A lot of people rely on the words of others concerning a brand or business.

In other words, the more testimonials you have, the easier it is for you to influence prospects and turn them into customers. So, the next time a customer does business with you, be sure to go above and beyond and ask for a testimonial that you can use as part of your promotional strategy to influence your prospects.

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Create a Sense of Urgency

If you knew that this blog would disappear tomorrow, what will you do? You’d probably find a way to store all the information somewhere right away or stay up all night to read as much as you can. That’s exactly what happens when you create a sense of urgency in your business.

Prospects that have been dragging their feet will suddenly see the need to take action so they don’t lose out. Creating a sense of urgency has been proven time and time again to be effective in influencing prospects to become customers


Utilize the Law of Reciprocity

The law of reciprocity states that if I do something for you, you will feel compelled to do something for me as well.

How can you use this law to influence prospects?

You can use the law of reciprocity to influence prospects by giving your prospects something valuable for free. It could be a sample of your products, an ebook or a super useful tip that will make a difference.

Once you give something for free, the recipient will also feel compelled to return the favor. Although not all prospects that get something free from you will return the favor by becoming your customer, this approach is still a great way to influence prospects.

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Lower the Barrier of Entry

Many people associate spending with pain and that’s why it’s very hard for them to buy into doing business with you. One way you can ease their pain and influence them is by lowering the barrier of entry.

For example, you can lower the barrier of entry by offering money-back guarantee, returns within certain time frames, reduced pricing, freemium to a premium model, etc. Analyze the options you have and choose whatever option works best for you.

Make it Easy to Buy

You can influence prospects by making it easy for them to buy. For example, your ordering process should be simplified so that people can easily pay once they are convinced that they need your offer.

Remember that most people do not buy things based on logic, but they do mostly based on emotions. Your goal as a business owner is to make it so easy to buy from you before buyers’ remorse sets in.

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