5 Ways to Turn Your Facebook Group Connections into Paying Clients in 2019

Are you looking for paying clients? One of the best places to find clients who will not only trust you but will also pay you are Facebook Groups. From your alumni to social to niche groups, your clients are everywhere just waiting for you to be visible. How can you turn your Facebook connections into paying clients?

Follow the steps below and be on your way to increasing your client base

Audit the Groups you Currently Are a Member Of

To make the most of your Facebook Groups, you must first conduct an audit of the Facebook Groups you are currently a member of. Go through the list and if you find groups that do not reflect your core values, it’s time to bid those groups bye-bye. Also, another point worthy of note is that you should check the objective of the group and determine if the group has members who fit the description of your target audience. If a group happens to have members who do not match the description of your target audience, it’s time to press “delete”.

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Clean up your Personal Facebook Timeline

The moment you decide to become an entrepreneur is the moment you’ve decided to give up some privacy. Why? This is mainly because people only do business with who they know, like and trust.

One method people use to get to know about you is to view your social media accounts. If you truly want others to connect, trust and do business with you, you must be committed to creating a great first impression.

Also, if you underestimate the power of a strong impression, you’d be repeatedly passed over for opportunities. Your Facebook timeline serves as your ticket to board the heart of a prospect and if you do not present the right ticket, the chances of being denied boarding are very high. When most people start seeing your name popping up in groups, the first thing they do is to check your timeline.

From your timeline, they can deduce many things about you including your personality, lifestyle and beliefs. What you believe in will reflect in things you posts, the comments you make and even the pictures you share.

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Stop Being Dormant

Once you’ve completed the audit of your Facebook Groups and cleaned up your timeline, it’s time to stop being dormant and start lending your voice to the conversation. Prior to doing that, be sure to read group rules so you are not violating them.

Adopt Content Marketing

Instead of using traditional marketing styles to promote yourself, a better approach is to adopt content marketing. Content marketing helps your audience connect with you and your brand on an emotional level. Your posts must be thoughtful, meaningful and consistent.

It could be a story about your challenges or how you helped your clients and how you are looking forward to helping even more people. If you are consistent enough, you’ll begin to build a following of loyal readers and also earn their trust.

Once people trust you, it is very easy for them to want to do business with you

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Send Friend Requests/Accept Friend Requests

Sending a friend request to someone who has been reading your posts and even appreciates or accepting friend request them is the beginning of another level of trust. It lets people know that you have nothing to hide. The more open you are to accepting new people into your space, the more trust you’ll build with them.

Peradventure you are the type that loves your personal space and would rather not have strangers intrude, it might be time to refrain from sharing things you consider personal on your profile.

Thank you for reading.

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