Have you ever spent your precious time developing content for Instagram thinking your audience will find it irresistible only for you to sleep then wake up to find out that only a handful of your followers actually read it? It sure is not a good place to be.

Time is your most limited resource as an entrepreneur and it’s highly important that whatever you spend time on gives you return on investment. Investing time on developing content that only a handful read or pay attention to means that your investment did not yield any return.

Why People are Not Reading

Over the years and with the rapid growth of the internet, people are constantly bombarded with too much information which has led to a sharp decline in their attention span.  

In addition to the sharp decline in attention span is also the “instanta” syndrome. This means people want information now in a way that they can easily absorb.  

Creating Content That People Will Read

As an entrepreneur who wants to succeed in business and prosper in life, you must not only develop content that people will read, you must also find ways to create content that will help your bottom line. Never allow the need to be seen to override the need to build a profitable brand. If you are looking for specific tips that can guide you in writing content that your audience will read on Instagram, here are 6 tips especially for you.

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1.Interactive Infographics

As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth more than a thousand words”, so also an interactive infographic is worth more than a thousand words. Interactive Infographics helps to present information in a way that is not only visually appealing but also helps with the absorption of information.

As you create Instagram content for your audience, always look for ways in which you can present that information in a concise way. The use of interactive infographics will keep your audience engaged and they will even yearn for more.

2. Storytelling

Everyone including you loves a good story. If people know that you incorporate stories and events into your content, they will find it more enjoyable.

When people find your content enjoyable, they will be engaged and they will keep coming back. Do you have to be a storyteller to tell stories? No, you don’t have to be a storyteller to tell stories.

All you need is the willingness to share your everyday stories or even the stories of other people as it relates to your brand.

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3. Pop-Up Quizzes/Opinion Polls

People love to make their opinions known and if you want to get their attention on Instagram, try asking them for their opinion. Incorporate pop-up quizzes and opinion poll into your content on Instagram and watch people who would normally scroll by your posts stop to lend their voice to the conversation.

4. Instagram Story/IG TV

Have you been slacking on using your Instagram Story feature? Think again! Your audience will rather catch up with you from “watching” your stories or IG TV than visiting your profile. If you are strategic about what you post on your Instagram Story and IG TV, you have a greater chance of grabbing the attention of your target audience.

The content you share on your Instagram Story disappears after 24 hours. This creates a sense of urgency and it might be the reason why your audience engages with it better.

On the other hand, IG TV allows viewers to watch videos for a longer time. You can post longer videos that are highly engaging to your IG TV. This serves as a free advertisement for your business.

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5. Answer Questions

If you truly want your audience to read your content, always let them know that you are open to answering their questions. When people ask you questions, be responsive and you can even collate the questions and the answers you provide and then package them as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

6. Solve Problems

The marketplace is filled with people who are looking for solutions to their everyday problem. Before you develop Instagram content, ask yourself, how can I develop this content such that it will help solve the problem that my average follower might have?” Asking this question will guide your writing.

Writing for the fun of it won’t lead you anywhere. Other than the fact that your audience won’t read, writing content that is not helpful will ensure that your brand moves closer to extinction. Your audience has multiple options. Make them stick by creating content that not only addresses their problems but also solves them.

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If you implement these tips, you’ll notice a difference in how your audience interacts with your Instagram content and more importantly, you’ll notice a difference in your lead conversion rate.

Thank you for reading.

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