6 Lifestyle Blogs That Will Inspire You to Start Yours

Do you think storytelling comes naturally to you? Are you the type of person that knows how to curate photos and document life events such that your friends turn to you for inspiration? Then, you might want to look into starting a lifestyle blog.

The blogging space is a great place to start testing the waters. The risk is low – all you need is a domain name, a desire to specialize and be consistent. With domain names, you can start with the free or paid domains. The free ones help reduce the cost of running your blog but they may come off as you are not really serious about being a lifestyle blogger. With the paid ones, you have more flexibility and it usually signals the beginning of something great.

If you are unsure of where to start building your blog, here’s a breakdown of what you need.

Blogs That Will Inspire You

Many times when an idea comes to mind, the first thing that a lot of people do is to discard it out of fear. The fear could be the fear of failure, fear of what people will say or think and even the fear of success. Whatever the type of fear you experience, it is usually crippling and leads to loss of opportunities. The cure for fear is action. If you want to ease your fear, you must learn to have a mind of your own, seek inspiration from other people and above all act on your idea. If you are trying to be a lifestyle blogger, there are plenty of places you can go for inspiration. We’ve handpicked six (6) great lifestyle blogs that will inspire you to start yours. 

1. Mossonyi  

Mossonyi is a blog run by a UK couple Onyi and Craig. Onyi tells stories with her photos. It is said that Onyi is a self-taught photographer originally from Nigeria. Her passion for photography comes from her keen eye, being able to put together pieces and create these images in a surrounding that you wouldn’t want to miss capturing. Follow her for more fashion-inspired pieces and little written letters about her career as an account and her lifestyle outside her field. 

2. Lydia Elise Millen 

Lydia Elise Millen started her brand in her senior year of college. Her lifestyle blogs are posted weekly and she has a  strong social media following. Millen has been blogging for over six (6) years now, focusing on fashion, health, beauty, and travel. She is signed to Loreal and has done a numerous amount of collaborations. Millen shares stories of her everyday experiences from personal health to building her overall brand, health and wellness. 

3. Dimma Umeh 

Dimma Umeh is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger living in Nigeria, covering life as a Nigerian while sharing, beauty tips, travel experiences and some of her favorite things. She believes that people thrive by pursuing things that there most passionate about. So with her blogs, you can expect everything from makeup advice to relationship issues and travel experiences. By finding your passion it will eventually lead to your dreams.

4. Carly The Prepster 

Carly The Prepster started blogging freshman year of college. After graduating, she moved to NYC to start her career at a tech start-up company where she eventually quit to focus full-time on blogging. Carly talks about everything from college to giving advice with depression and anxiety all while maintaining a business mind frame. 

5. Chriselle Lim 

Chriselle Lim is a stylist and digital Influencer, who has worked with celebs. She says, “her goal is to encourage, educate, and inspire all women across the globe through her personal style, runway trends, beauty secrets, and fashion tips and tricks.” Lim talks about everything from health to beauty, business, family, and her overall well-being encouraging readers to pursue a passion while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

6. Lavendaire 

Lavendaire calls herself “an artist of life” referring to someone “who owns her power to envision and create her dream life”. She writes as a form of self-expression, set-out to inform and inspire people with similar views. Her blogs focus on self-healing and dealing with issues head-on. 


Lifestyle blogs attract a genuine following when the creator is truly transparent. It may take a lot of hard work, patience and consistency for it to get off the ground but if you are truly committed to making it work, there is no limit to what you can achieve with it.

Go for your dreams and if you have further questions on how to get started, feel free to contact us.

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