6 Personality Traits That are Preventing Your Business from Growing

Many times, when entrepreneurs are trying to find out what is preventing their business from growing, they tend to point their fingers of accusation toward external factors like the economy, a saturated market, and the lack of capital for expansion. Hardly would you find people who are willing to place the searchlight on themselves for possible clues as to why there is stunted growth in their business.  

As an entrepreneur, it is important to recognize that the success or failure of your company starts with you, your personality and your general outlook toward life. It does not matter how grand your ideas are neither does it matter if your products are exactly what consumers need.

If you have a personality trait that others can barely stand, it will lead to stagnancy and prevent your business from growing.

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What are some of the personality traits that might be preventing your business from growing? Go through the list and see if there’s any that matches yours then begin to take conscious steps to make amends.

1. Constant Complaining

Complaining might seem to be the right thing to do when business is not growing as you expect but when all you do is complain day in day out, people will begin to move farther from you. No one likes to be around someone who constantly complains, blames everyone else and never seeing anything good in what’s going on.

Your customers, contractors, and vendors all have things in their lives for which they can complain about but won’t bring those things to you constantly. So, if you want to attract great people that will help your business grow, you need to quit complaining.

2. Not Caring

As an entrepreneur, you are a leader and people want to know if you truly care about them. Caring for the people who work for you, your customers and vendors alike show that you have empathy.

Having empathy and showing it at all times propel people to be attracted to you and your business like a magnet. Businesses that consistently meet that growth goals care about their customers so should you!

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3. Rigidity

Have you ever tried to work with a rigid person? It’s frustrating, right? Rigidity is when you refuse to take a different opinion despite a different set of evidence presented to you. This type of personality trait is not only toxic but also repelling. It will lead people to refrain from sharing great ideas that can help you grow with you.

4. Inconsistency

If you are inconsistent with what you do, then you are simply saying you do not care about growing your business. The secret to business growth is showing up happy or sad!

5. Impatience

As much as you want to grow your business, be patient. Impatience will lead you into abandoning things pre-maturely and make you bite the fingers later. Instead of throwing in the towel too early, give yourself time to grow. Always remember, anything including your business, that will last, need time to blossom

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6. Procrastinating

You may have charisma, passion, and expertise but if you constantly give excuses and procrastinate, your business cannot grow. Excuses always seem valid until you realize one, two, or five years down the line, those excuses remain, and you still have not achieved anything.

You cannot grow your business by leaving today’s work for tomorrow – you’ll lose out on opportunities and people will perceive you as unserious.

If you truly want to grow your business, you must first assess yourself, know which areas to improve and then, invest in personal development. Until you get better, it’s hard to grow your business.

Thank you for reading.

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