6 Persuasive Phrases That Can Help You Make More Sales

Sales have always been touted as a game of numbers, but it is also a game of strategy. And one strategy that can help you make more sales in your business is the strategy of persuasion.

Persuasive words are powerful tools in business because it helps prospects and customers make buying decisions as soon as possible. The longer it takes for people to make up their minds, the higher the tendency that they’ll change their minds. So, if you’d like to make more sales, use persuasive words as part of your strategy and watch how more customers will be inclined to say, yes more often than not.

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Below are six examples of persuasive words you can use in your business

“Guaranteed results or your money back”

Have you ever changed your mind on a purchase you wanted to make just because you are scared of losing money? You are not alone! Many buyers associate pain with spending and many more have the fear of loss which leads them to walk away from the deal. This is particularly true if the purchase will involve substantial amounts of money. To ease people’s pain and give them reassuring confidence in making a purchase, you can use a phrase like “guaranteed results or your money back”

This way, if they make the purchase and end up not liking it, they know they can always get their money back. However, you should not make this a blank check. For example, if your business is in the retail industry, you can set a specific number of days for the buyer to return the item if they do not get the results they were expecting to get.

Many retail stores offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, but you could offer less or more depending on the type of product you sell and what you feel is a fair game. Also, you can add some extra conditions that a buyer must fulfill before they can make a return. For example, you can require original receipts of purchase or even ask that labels be intact.

“No questions asked refund”

In the past, many retailers have hidden policies that are not quite clear to buyers. These fine prints include but not limited to no perfume on an item, can only return the same day, restocking fees apply, etc. Over time, consumers became weary and the trust levels seemed to decline drastically. The use of a persuasive phrase such as “no questions asked refund” helps build trust and when customers trust you they are more likely to make a purchase. Why? Your choice of words and phrases make them feel safe knowing that if in the end, the product does not meet their specifications for whatsoever reason, it won’t be an issue should they decide to return.

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 “New inventory. Everything must go”

Many buying decisions are far from being logical. They are instead, emotional. So, phrases like “everything must go” makes the buyer act as soon as possible for the fear of missing out on a good deal. It creates a sense of urgency and therefore, causes people to act without giving it a deep thought. That’s how many people end up buying things they don’t need. This strategy is perfect when you are trying to sell your current inventory to make room for a new inventory. Be sure to let buyers know if there are any conditions like, “no returns accepted”

 “Loyalty cardholders get free shipping”

Tap into the law of exclusivity and watch your sales soar! Most people do not love to pay for shipping so if you can come up with a way to let them become a loyalty card member where they pay a flat premium upfront in exchange for free shipping for a period, then you are giving people reasons to spend more money! One company that does this expertly is Amazon with its Amazon Prime program where members get free 2-day shipping on most items.

“Only five seats left”

Have you ever left what you were doing to sign up for a course or training program that’s advertised as almost full? This type of strategy is called the “sense of urgency”. People are more inclined to make buying decisions if you create a sense of urgency in them. For your next launch or event, increase your sales by giving a deadline or creating a sense of urgency or letting the customers know that only limited quantities are available.

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“Join 100,000+ subscribers”

Everyone loves to be an insider and if you can show people that a lot of people have become insiders, they will be curious to know what other people are benefitting. They won’t like the idea of being outside the inner caucus. This is a great strategy for making more people sign up for your email list, buy your course or register for a training program.

Thank you for reading! Are there any other persuasive words you can share on how to make more sales? Please share in the comment box below.

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