6 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Efforts Are Not Yielding Results

You’ve heard about how great content marketing is and you decided to give it a try but alas month after month, none of your efforts have yet to produce the desired results. This makes you begin to wonder or ask, “what am I doing wrong?”

We might not be able to answer that question for you unless we review your business or platform, however, we can share some general ideas with you as to the reason why your content marketing efforts are not yielding the results you desire.

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Let’s define content marketing before we get started.

Content marketing is a form of marketing in which you provide value before selling. Now, that’s the easy part. The not-so-easy part is how to define value.

The word “value” in simple terms means “worth or benefit”. What is the value of the content you are producing? Is it something worthy of your audience’s time or is it’s just another “noise” in the marketplace? It’s your responsibility as an entrepreneur to find out what your customers need and how you can position your brand as the go-to place to meet their needs.

With content marketing, you not only attract prospects, but you’ll also gain loyal customers who will tell their friends and families about you.

Now, that you know what content marketing is and why it’s important, let’s explore some of the reasons why your content marketing efforts might not be yielding the results you truly desire.

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1. No Clearly-Defined Target Audience

For almost six years that we’ve worked with entrepreneurs whose desire is to succeed in business and prosper in life, one thing that a lot of people struggle with is defining their target audience. If you can’t adequately define your target audience then that means your content won’t reach the right people.

To write great content that will attract quality customers, the content must address their specific needs. If your content is not addressing specific needs, then it’s like you are speaking into a microphone with a dead battery. No matter how loud you speak, your voice will never be heard at the back of the room.

In order to resolve this issue, define your target audience using parameters like demographics, location, behavioral patterns and interest. Once you have a clearly defined target audience, then you can begin to tailor your content toward what your audience will like to hear.

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2. Being on Too Many Platforms

You’ve been told that in order to succeed as a 21st-century entrepreneur, you need to maintain an active presence on social media. This is so true but the real question is, should you be on every platform? The answer is, NO. Why? There are too many social media platforms and each one is unique. This means that in order to succeed on these platforms, you first need to master how each of them works.

In addition to that, being on too many platforms make you stretch yourself too thin. Another point worthy of note is that engaging your audience is one of the keys to success. If you are not intentional about the number of platforms you actively maintain, you’ll get little to no results.

Instead of developing content for every platform, the better approach is to choose a primary platform where your core audience spends time and then choose two to three additional platforms that you can cross-post.

3. You Lack Originality

Content marketing is about originality. How original is your content and even more importantly, how do you tailor your content to hit your audience’s pain points? When people read your content, they can mostly tell whether it’s from a place of originality or that you are trying to be who you are not.

The best approach to getting results from your content marketing efforts is to stay true to who you are. Move at your own pace, set good examples and watch how people will gravitate toward you. If you share other people’s work, be sure to give them credit. Do not use content that’s not yours and claim it to be yours.

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4. You Post and Ghost

If you truly want your content marketing efforts to yield results, you must stay away from “posting and ghosting”. This usually happens when you share content and people are commenting and you either ignore or do not respond.

If you do this long enough, it becomes a habit and your audience will notice it. When people are trying to engage with your content and then you decide it’s time to disappear then you are simply passing a message that you do not welcome their engagement.

5. You are Inconsistent

This point is with every other type of success, social media success requires consistency. You need to be ready to show up come rain or shine. Whether someone “likes” or don’t “like” doesn’t matter. What matters is your level of consistency because therein, lies your power.

If you are inconsistent in maintaining your account and being of service, you are giving your audience a reason to move on to the next available platform.

6. You Don’t Engage With Other People’s Content

It’s called social media for a reason and that reason is to socialize. Yes, we understand that you are busy and that you are loaded but so do other content creators. As much as you want people to flock to you so also other content creators want you to flock to the. To yield results, you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone and help others to make their dreams come true. If you help others, they will be willing to help you as well.

Therefore, find the time out of your busy schedule to engage with other people’s content, add value to their audience and watch how people will flock to your business, too.

Overall: Content marketing works if you follow the right process. The right process is knowing who you are writing for and then write great content consistently while supporting others during the process.

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