Toward the end of every year since 2010, I have consistently taken stock of my achievements in business and I noticed recently that I’ve not at any of those times taken stock of the things hindering my success. Is it that I’ve been super great for eight years or have my assessment of my achievements been lopsided?

I have lofty dreams and goals and even though I have come a long way since I started my personal development journey, it dawned on me that until I begin to take stock of those things that might be hindering my success, I might not even scratch the surface of those lofty dreams and goals let alone achieve them.

Are you also in the same boat as I am? Do you work hard but then you know deep down that there’s so much more you can achieve if only you could be brutally honest with yourself? It’s time to take an assessment. For me, I sat down, looked around me and took a stock and I came up with seven things that hinder success. These points I believe is applicable to everyone who truly desire to be so much more than they currently are.

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1. Not exercising faith: It takes faith to make things happen and as much as I like to call myself a person of faith, I realized that there are many instances where I allowed the lack of faith to prevent me from moving forward with a decision that was meant to help me get a step closer to my lofty dreams and goals. It is easy to profess faith but when it comes to exercising the faith we profess, it’s a different ball game.

Nothing substantial is achieved in life without faith.

Going forward, I will not only profess faith, I will also act in faith. My failure to act on certain matters in faith have held me back from soaring and now I am ready to walk and work in faith. Do you exercise the faith you profess? Do you know that without faith, success is evasive? Start exercising your faith today and watch how things will begin to fall in line for you.

2. Not asking for HELP: I have learned to ask for help when I need it but when I assessed myself this year, I penned down many areas of my life where I held back from asking for help. The result? I stretched myself too thin and hindered by own success. This will change going forward. I have made up my mind to ask for help whenever I need it. Asking for help will lift so much burden off my shoulders and give me the opportunity to focus on the things I do best. Do you ask for help? Do you know that not asking for help is an hinderance to success? Start asking for help today and watch how far you’d have gone in a year or two from now.

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3. Settling on old achievement: One of my mentors, John Maxwell, once said, if you are still excited about what you did five years ago, it simply means you are not growing. I remember when I published my first e-book, Snowball, it felt as though I had done something remarkable. Yes, it’s remarkable that I actually sat down and wrote 33 pages worth of valuable tips and ideas that can help business owners build a profitable brand but what wasn’t remarkable was the temptation to settle. Thankfully, I was able to snap out of that to publish three additional e-book and a published print book titled UNEQUALED in March, 2018. What old achievement are you settling on? It’s time to get up and keep going. Many people around the world are not living their full potential because they settled on an old achievement. Don’t let that be you. Keep moving and keep breaking new grounds.

4. Not following through with ideas: Few years ago, I had a conversation with some of my friends and we played around with the idea of partnering with one another and building an empire together. Somehow, we all didn’t follow through. Recently, my mind went to that time and I reflected on what could have become of us today if we actually followed through. Perhaps, we could have built a billion-dollar empire by now. I realized that most times, our success is hindered by our inability to follow through with our ideas. The story about my friends is just one example, there are many other examples that I can share about me where I failed to follow up. Do you follow up on your conversations? That idea you shared over lunch with your husband, wife, friend, colleague, have you followed through?

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5. Not willing to invest in oneself: I remember the first time someone told me to pay $50 to attend a training, I asked in my mind “will gold be shared at the training?” Thankfully, it was a time that I started investing in some personal development books. My mind was already being renewed at that time and even though, my head was telling attending a training worth $50 was a waste, my heart prompted me to attend and that day was the beginning of a new me. The information I got from that training was worth more than gold. From that moment on, I began to invest in myself at least once a quarter. I attend trainings, seminars and conferences so I can become a better version of myself. However, I still believe I can do more. There are some training programs that I have been putting in the back burner and I have made up my mind to bring those up to speed. Have you been investing in yourself? Do you know that failure to invest in yourself is a recipe for hindering and sabotaging your own success?

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6. Trying to reinvent the wheel: This is one thing I am working on and will continue to work on. I love starting things from scratch because I believe that no one can do it like I will do and while that’s true to a large extent, it’s one of the things hindering my success. There’s no need for me to try and reinvent the wheel. What others have done I can make better rather than starting from scratch? Do you always try to reinvent the wheel? It might be one of the things hindering your success and it’s time to press the “pause” button, reassess and reengage.

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7. Not staying the course: Success requires focus, consistency and staying the course. This is something I preach consistently but when I assessed myself recently, I noted some areas of my life in which I have not entirely stayed the course. This is going to change going forward. The bible says “he who puts his hands on the plough and then looks back is not fit for the kingdom of God.” I am rephrasing that by saying he who sets his foot on the path of success and refuses to stay the course will hinder his own success. Do you stay the course? Or do you get easily distracted? It’s time to start staying the course so you won’t be hindering your own success.


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