Are You an Aspiring Leader? Here’s a Great Way to Start

By virtue of being the first child of my family, I was a leader by default. I found myself in a role I didn’t choose but had no option than to keep tagging along. However, as I grew up and began to discover my purpose in life, I realized that my being a leader was so much more than being the first child of the family. That was when I decided to become intentional.

The first book I read about leadership was The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow You (10th Anniversary Edition). After my first read, it was as though some scales fell from my eyes and could then see better. Out of all the 21 Laws, the law of vision stood out for me the most. What can a leader without vision achieve?

Since then, I have grown my leadership skills beyond what I ever envisioned for myself. All thanks to a worthy investment. If you are an aspiring leader and would like to grow your influence, I recommend starting with this John’s book by clicking on the link below.


What other leadership books would you recommend? Do you consider yourself a leader? Leave a comment and kindly share this post with a friend. 



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