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7 Key Steps to Selling to and Converting Prospects to Customers

One factor that will help determine your success as an entrepreneur is your ability to sell to and convert prospects to customers. It does not matter how great your products are, if you do not know how to determine who wants to buy and make the person buy eventually, you may as well forget being […]

7 Solid Ways to Build Your Persuasion Skills

As a business owner or entrepreneur, one of your duties will be to persuade people. From trying to convince your vendor to agree to your terms of negotiation to trying to close a sale to convincing your employees to work harder, persuasion is one skill you need for success in business and in life. Ironically, […]

Are You an Introvert? Here Are 5 Super Tips to Become a Better Salesperson

One of the key qualities that will help an entrepreneur to succeed is the ability to sell. If you can’t sell or are averse to selling, then you might as well forget about becoming or being an entrepreneur. That sounds very discouraging especially to an introvert who probably loves the idea of being an entrepreneur, […]

How to Make Your First Sale on Instagram

As of June 2018, it was reported that Instagram had grown from 800 million monthly active users to 1 billion monthly active users. This means that one-seventh of the world’s population are actively spending time on Instagram thus providing entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations with unlimited opportunities for growth and expansion. As a small business […]