Content Creators: Here’s How You Can Make Money from Facebook

If you post content on Facebook frequently, you are a content creator and it might be time to start monetizing your content on the platform. However, there are certain requirements you need to meet before you can start monetizing your Facebook content. We will share all the details you need to know on how to go about it in this article.

Let us start with the definition of a content creator.

A content creator is anyone who shares authentic content (write-ups, quotes, videos, etc.) for public consumption regularly. Please note the word, “regularly”. Regularly does not mean you post every day, but it means you are consistent with whatever frequency you use. Also, a content creator does not necessarily mean you are a writer. Your content could be one-liners, funny posts or anything that catches your fancy. Of course, it has to be legal!

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Ways You Can Monetize Your Facebook Content

There are many ways you can monetize your Facebook content and these are:

  • In-stream ads
  • Fan subscriptions
  • Branded Content Tool
  • Brand Collaboration Manager

If you already have a Facebook Page and would like to check your eligibility status, go to your Facebook page and click on:

  • Creator Studio tab
  • Click the Monetization tab
  • Click Overview

If you want to learn more, keep reading.

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In-stream Ads

You may have noticed that ads pop up when you watched some videos on Facebook. These are accounts of people who are already monetizing their Facebook content. You can, too.

Types of In-stream ads

There are three (3) types of in-stream ads and these are:

  • Pre-roll: This plays before the video content
  • Mid-roll: This plays in the middle of the content and it’s ideal if your video has natural breaks
  • Image ads: These are static images that are displayed beneath the content

You can earn money with any of these and you have the option of choosing when these in-stream ads appear in your videos or you can allow Facebook to automatically determine that for you. Your earnings are determined by who the advertisers are and the number of video views.

Please note in-stream ads are great for longer videos.

Eligibility Requirements for In-stream Ads

If you’d like to monetize your content using in-stream ads, here are some eligibility requirements you need to keep in mind:

Publish from a Facebook Page

To qualify, you must publish your videos from a Facebook Page and not a profile or personal account.

A Facebook Page is different from your Facebook personal account. A Facebook Page is a public page and it cannot be set to private. Also, for your Facebook page to be effective, you need people to like your Page. If you already create content on your personal page that people love, a Facebook Page is ideal for you. If you do not have a Facebook Page, you can start by creating one here. If you do have a Facebook Page, congratulations, you have crossed the first hurdle.

Please note, you can CONVERT your personal account to a page but be sure to weigh the pros and cons before doing that.

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Other Requirements

Other requirements include:

  • Meet Facebook Partner Monetization Requirements
  • Have 30k+ one minute video views
  • Have 10k+ page followers
  • Be in an available country
  • Publish 3-minute plus videos

Fan Subscriptions

This type of monetization, although currently by invitation only for Facebook Pages with larger audiences, is one of the cool ways to monetize your Facebook content. Fan subscriptions give you the opportunity to allow your most active audience to pay recurring subscription fees while they enjoy some type of benefits like exclusive content, discounts and training.

Branded Content

If your content is about topics other brands won’t think is “risky” and you have an active or loyal following, branded content monetization option might be for you. This allows you to work with brands that want to work with creators like you. To explore this option, head over to your Facebook Page and click HERE.


If you are already spending so much time on Facebook, this is the time to crown your efforts with monetization. Visit your Facebook Page and check your creator studio tab. If you do not have a Facebook Page, remember you can convert your personal account to a page. Above all, remember that your page is public and if you have things on your personal account that you’d rather keep private, then remove those things before you make the changes.

Thank you for reading! What is one thing you will take away from reading this article? Please share it in the comment box below.

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