Christmas is that time of the year where most people have no choice than to spend, spend and spend some more. This makes December, the second month after November when business sales soar. However, if you are not strategic about how to make your sales soar, it might also turn out to be a period of dismal sales performance. I am always amused when I see business owners who always blames the economy for low sales while they fold arms and watch their competitors’ cash in (big). Every business owner, including you, have the opportunity to make Christmas sales soar but nothing will happen if you do not take the necessary steps. If you are ready to watch your Christmas Sales soar, follow these seven proven steps and be on your way to making your dreams come true.

1. Set a concrete sales goal: This is one crucial part a lot of business owners leave out of their strategy yet having a sales goal is the only way you can know how to plan on reaching the goal and more importantly, it’s the only way you’ll know once you reach or exceed that goal. Often times, I have found out that the lack of a concrete goal is the number one reason why many people are not making significant progress when it comes to sales.

This is December, if you want your Christmas sales to soar, it’s time to get to work and set a concrete sales goal.

How do you do this? Take a look at your average monthly sales trend in 2018 and double the average for the month of December. Even if you do not end up doubling your sales, you will exceed your average monthly sales if you follow these steps to the dot.

2. Create a SIMPLE yet compelling deal: Once you set a goal, the next step is to create a simple yet compelling deal. What does this mean? It means that your deal must be easily comprehensible, devoid of complex words/steps and is easily accessible. Why is this important? As much as the Christmas season is the period where lots of consumers spend, it’s also a time of stress.

People are stressed from having to shop for gifts for the special people in their life and if you, as a business owner, can step in and reduce the mental and physical stress of your target audience by creating a simple yet compelling deal, you will win your way into their pockets.

Do not try to promote too many products at a time for it is better to have few products that people will buy in multiples than have many products that make it hard for people to choose and therefore they turn away from your brand. Creating a simple yet compelling deal is the way to go if you want your Christmas sales to soar!

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3. Set a pocket-friendly price: Pricing is highly important, and you should put some thought into how much you price your deal if you want your Christmas sales to soar.

Consumers are already overwhelmed but if your deal is pocket-friendly, valuable and convenient, they will buy from you and your Christmas sales will soar.

Also, in setting your price, consider using numbers that are not rounded. For example, it is better to price a $10 gift as $9, $9.99, $9.1 etc. This pricing system has a way f making consumers feel they are not paying full price. and Set a price for your deal such that it’s pocket-friendly and it gives value in exchange for money.

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4. Create catchy graphics: There is high competition on social media so if you truly want people to stop in their tracks and view what you have to offer, the graphic designs you create to promote your deal must be clean and catchy. Avoid putting too many words on your graphics because social media platforms will reduce the reach of such designs. Also, designing graphics with too many words is a fast way for your message to get lost in the sea of words.

5. Do a countdown: A countdown is designed to create anticipation. I am always taken aback when I see business owners sleep and wake up to announce a new deal without “preparing” the minds of their audience.

If you do not do a countdown to your deal, chances are it won’t be known by as many people as you would if you had created some form of anticipation using countdowns.

People love anticipation because it creates an excitement in them and because Christmas is 25 days away, I will suggest that your countdown is set for three to five days. During that time, use the principles of content marketing to draw in your audience and make them long for your deal. On the D-day, if you follow the due process for your countdown, you might be sold out!

6. Promote, promote, promote: It doesn’t matter how great of a deal you have if you don’t promote it, people will pass by your great deal for a deal that’s not even at par with yours and they’d be happy. One thing I have found out with many business owners is that they are full of excuses. Even the bible says, “no man, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”

I would like to modify that and say that no business owner who starts the process of creating a deal and then fails to promote the deal is fit for profit. If you’ve done the hard work of creating a deal but drop the ball at the last minute or come up with excuses, then it’s impossible for your Christmas sales to soar.

Promotion creates visibility and it is only when your deal is visible that people can buy.

Promote your deal across many social media platforms to enhance your visibility. If you need to spend some money on ads, go ahead and do it as long as you have followed the steps I described above. In spending money on ads, remember to follow the steps of writing an effective ad copy.

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7. Ask for cross-posting from your inner circle: One can chase a thousand but two can chase ten thousand. That’s a powerful and relevant statement to what cross-posting can do for your brand.

If you are a business owner and you rely only on your efforts to reach your sales goals, you are simply walking on a tightrope.

If you truly want to see your Christmas sales soar, you must leverage on the strength of your inner circle. I am assuming that you already belong to a community of supportive entrepreneurs who go all out to support your dreams by cross-posting on their platforms when you request for it. Cross-posting is an effective way for your efforts to be multiplied especially because there’s a limit to the number of people you can reach by yourself. Cross-posting is a powerful way to reach new and relevant audiences, maximize visibility and make your Christmas sales soar!

Overall, building a business takes courage and for your Christmas sales to soar, you must have the courage to follow all these steps to the dot.

Did you find this useful? What deal will you be creating? Kindly leave a comment, share this post with a friend and then get to work. Time is of the essence!






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    Very enlightening and understandable steps to follow. Thank you so much for this sis. Also want to say you truly are doing an amazing job.

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      Onpoint Success

      You’re welcome sis and many thanks for your feedback

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