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Your write-up must be unique and original.

It must previously be unpublished.

It must educate the reader.

If you use numbers and statistics from various sources, you must cite your source.

If you write about a person or a business, you cannot take payments from them.

A company or an individual cannot pay you to write about their company on the Onpoint Success blog.

If you think you can satisfy the requirements above, please see below to understand what you must comply with when writing your article.

The article should be between 500 and 1000 words.

It should contain actionable ideas that readers can put to use.

When you cite a source, the source must be credible. Do not get information from sources that are not credible.

Proofread your article. Typos and obvious punctuation errors are grounds for not publishing your article.

Your article cannot contain abbreviations.

When you use a quote, credit the original owner.

Articles cannot contain more than four outbound links.

You cannot include outbound links to your affiliate.

You can promote your brand, business or book but it should not be the primary purpose of your article.

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