How Sleep is Essential to Work and Productivity

Sleep is beneficial to your overall health, work, and productivity. Getting a good night’s sleep aids in memory recall, appreciation of loved ones and mental alertness. In addition to this, having a good amount of sleep can improve improves your immunity and help you restore and repair your muscles.

When sleep doesn’t happen, it can lead to lethargy, irritability and increase the risk of certain diseases. Sleep deprivation also results in physical and psychological problems plus when you are sleep deprived you tend to make more errors.

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Most adults need 7 to 9 hours a night for the best amount of sleep, although some people may need as few as 6 hours or as many as 10 hours of sleep each day.

The Cause of Sleep Deprivation for Entrepreneurs

The number one cause of sleep deprivation for entrepreneurs is “workaholism.” While it is good to be hardworking, it is also important to always keep things in perspective. More working hours does not necessarily mean that you are productive because your body is designed to sleep so some of your cells can regenerate and be renewed.

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Each time you deprive yourself a good sleep because you are busy working hard, you are denying your body an opportunity to function at its peak while also impeding the growth of your business. Here are a few things that can result from your lack of adequate sleep.

1. Procrastination

2. Sluggishness

3. Error

4. Creative block

5. Less energy.

6. Reacting slower

7. Less motivation

8. Difficulty focusing

The Dos and Don’ts

As an entrepreneur, it is important that you get a good night sleep, so you can think better and produce exceptional results. Also, note that it is only when your health is in good shape that you can truly take on the world. If you’ve been sleep deprived and would like to make changes that would improve your overall health and productivity, here are a few do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind.


1.Protect your sleep time from other activities


3.Turn off your phone 2 hours before bedtime

4.Reduce daytime naps

5.Take a relaxing bath or shower before bedtime

6.Make sure your bed is comfortable

7.Relax and clear your mind at bedtime

8.Have a consistent sleeping time

9.Exercise every day

10.Take short naps during the day

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1. Don’t consume caffeine late in the day

2. Avoid the use of the phone in bed

3. Avoid alcohol

4. Don’t eat late in the night

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