Thousands of new businesses spring up daily around the world but not many are born out of passion. That’s not the case with Adenike Falade, a Nigerian woman whose fragrance business was born out of her passion for “smelling” nice.

Adenike Falade is a young Nigerian woman and co-founder of Davellin Int’l Company based in the city of Ibadan, South West, Nigeria. The company produces sweet fragrances that are hard to resist.

Adenike is one of many women who believe that nothing is out of reach unless you do not put your mind to it. I started perfumery out of my passion for loving sweet-smelling fragrances. I would often buy and sell imported perfumes to my clients

I started perfumery out of my passion for loving sweet-smelling fragrances. I would often buy and sell imported perfumes to my clients, she recalls.

One day, an opportunity to learn about perfume making was presented to her and she was too thrilled not to embrace the opportunity. After the initial learning process, Adenike did not go to sleep. Instead, she worked hard to produce fragrance based on the principles she was taught. From a small batch production, she thought “what if I could take this to the next level?”


That was how she began to research ways in which she could translate her passion into something tangible.

With a seed capital from the salary she earned in her day job, she started producing and selling fragrance to family, friends and well-wishers alike. At first, it was an uphill battle. She had to go through a difficult learning phase. The feedback from the initial production batches wasn’t encouraging and she had to decide between pressing on and giving up. She chose the former. With the help of her mentors, she garnered enough strength to withstand the pressures of not meeting up to expectation.

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Today, she’s pleased that she didn’t give up. Not only has the fragrance quality improved, but she has also gone from producing one fragrance to expanding to two with the third one in the making. Also, from her city in Ibadan, her fragrance brand is beginning to gain grounds in other parts of the country and beyond.


One of the things that have kept her going is her vision which she says it’s to become a household name across the world.

On what makes her fragrance different from all others in the marketplace, she says it’s affordability, uniqueness and long-lasting effect. And because she’s rapidly expanding, she says her next focus is machine processing upgrade, product distribution and online sales marketing.

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On what her best quote is, she says “impossibility” does not exist. For new entrepreneurs, she had this to say “Don’t be afraid to start small with a focus of growing large.

She loves reading, traveling and dancing and to catch up with her latest production, check her out on INSTAGRAM. You can get six (6) 100 cl bottles of her perfume (Autumn Body Splash) for 3600 NGN ($10). This can be used as the perfect Christmas or end of the year gift for your family, friends and even employees! Hurry, visit her INSTAGRAM page and place your orders now.


Visit her website HERE and also, feel free to send her an email HERE for inquiries or call +2348074190102 / +2348033219468


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