How to Advertise on Instagram Without Having an Instagram Account

Have you always thought that you need an Instagram account before you can run ads there? Think again! You don’t need an Instagram account to advertise on Instagram. All you need is a Facebook business page. This is a welcome development especially if you find it stressful to run multiple social media accounts for your business.

How It Works

Go to your Facebook business page and click, “create” or “promote”. Depending on the device you are using, the tab can either be on the left side or at the right-hand corner.
Once you click, you land on a new web page that gives you the opportunity to choose who you want to reach (target audience), their location and which platforms you’ll like your ads to show.

Your Facebook page is like a one-stop-shop where you can reach people on both Instagram and Facebook. That means you do not have to run separate ads on both accounts. How cool?

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Tips for Success

Now that you’ve learned about how to run ads on Instagram without having an Instagram account, it’s time to share some tips that will help you succeed when running ads

Type of Picture

The type of picture you use goes a long way in determining how successful your ad will be. If your picture contains a lot of text, it’s reach will be automatically reduced by Facebook and your ads will perform below expectations.

In order to avoid a waste of effort, resources and time, avoid pictures with too much text. As a general rule of the thumb, the text to image ratio should be around 1:4. This means that a picture should not contain more than 25% text. Also, be sure to use high-quality pictures that are pleasing to the eyes. This will help your brand gain attention.

Ad copy

This is also equally important and that’s why you must be intentional about every word in your copy. When writing your copy, use simple text and grammar structure that can be easily understood by a third-grader. Avoid complex grammar that many people can’t understand or comprehend. In addition, your ad copy should address how your business can provide solutions to specific problems


To achieve success in running ads, you need to set a sufficient budget. This allows you to reach more people over time. On Facebook, you can either set a lifetime budget where you allow the ads to run continuously or set a specific ending date

Digital Marketer

If you can afford it, you should retain the services of a digital marketer. A digital marketer can help you reach the people that fit the description of your target audience.  In addition, they save you a lot of time, so you can focus on activities that are your areas of expertise.

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Instagram is a great platform and once you master how to run ads directly from your Facebook

Page, the opportunities are endless!

Thank you for reading! What is one thing you are taking away from this article? Kindly share it below.

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