If you run your business in the 21st century, you already know how hard it is to earn loyalty from your customers let alone turn them into raving fans. However, as a business owner who wants to succeed in business and prosper in life, you must come up with ways to earn your customers’ loyalty and turn them into raving fans.

In order to earn loyalty from your customers, you need to understand the core of who a customer truly is. Every customer is first a human before they bear the title of a “customer” and that’s where I feel a lot of business owners miss it.

If you treat your customer like a robot, you’ll definitely get a robotic relationship.

Robotic relationships in business mean that other than the transaction, there’s nothing more, nothing less. Most corporations have robotic relationships with their customers and although corporations are starting to realize that robotic relationships with customers no longer work in this day and age and are trying hard to build more humane relationships, they are still no match when it comes to how small business owners can build humane relationships with their customers, earn their loyalty and turn them into raving fans.

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Why Should You Care About Turning Customers into Raving Fans?

 Back in the days, many brands didn’t have to do much to earn customer loyalty because there weren’t many options. When I was growing up, there were very few soap brands. In fact, we only had two options. If you didn’t use soap A, you had to be using soap B. The manufacturers didn’t have to worry about working hard to earn the consumer’s loyalty. However, all these changed as the internet became more popular and lowered the barrier of entry of being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs can now with very little capital start their business and provide a world-class service straight from their computers. This has led to fierce competition in the marketplace and flipped the power from the business to the customers.

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With this in mind, a diligent business owner should care about turning customers into raving fans. What’s the difference, you may ask?

Customers are generally people who buy from you because they need your products. Raving fans are people who not only buy from you but are extremely satisfied with your brand and are willing to go the extra mile to blow the horn of your brand without any coercion. When you have lots of raving fans, the rewards are boundless. Your marketing budget reduces (in most cases), loyal customers will increase and so also will your sales increase. Can you beat that?


Earning Loyalty and Turning Customers into Raving Fans

Loyalty simply means allegiance. This does not mean that customers have no other option. It simply means despite having other options, they decide to choose you. That’s a pretty hard spot to land on especially if there are millions of people who offer the same services as you. The good news, however, is no matter how hard it is to land on such spots as a business owner, it is doable.

The first thing to understand when it comes to earning loyalty from customers is to understand that loyalty is earned not bought, coerced or demanded. You cannot demand loyalty from anyone, you’d need to work hard to get it. In order to earn loyalty, you must understand that business is beyond a transaction – it is the relationship. Start earning loyalty from your customers that giving them undivided attention, making them feel special and care about them. Every human in the world responds to attention. If you start treating every customer like the most important person in your world rather than someone from whom you get money, you are on your way to building a loyalty base.

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The second thing is to be innovative. Innovation fuels excitement and loyalty. No one likes to be with someone who is not committed to constant improvement unless they have no choice. Innovation does not always mean discarding old ways of doing things, it simply means constant improvement over time. Work on your branding, come up with new ways of accepting your orders, invent new ways of delivery and just keep improving. When your customers know that you are constantly researching and coming up with novel ideas, you will earn their loyalty.

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In addition to being innovative, you should learn how to reward your customers. Rewarding them drives loyalty and it makes them feel special. No one likes to feel used and unappreciated so go ahead and start earning your customers’ loyalty by rewarding and appreciating them.

Once you start earning the loyalty of your customers, it’s time to turn them into raving fans. Turning your loyal customers into raving fans means that you are willing to go the extra mile. Extra mile means that you will start doing things other businesses don’t do. For example, you can go the extra mile providing exclusive access to your loyal customers for troubleshooting, knowing their birthdays and even that of their family members, providing resources beyond the basic to help them advance their personal gains etc.

Going the extra mile come rain or shine will win over even a heart of stone and in doing so, you can turn customers into raving fans.


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