How to Get More Referrals for Your Small Business

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As a small business owner who’s trying to build a profitable brand, one of the best ways to grow your business is by having lots of referrals. Referrals are one of the best ways because not only does it save you money you’d have otherwise spent on advertising (and probably training of your staff), they also let you know that you are serving your current customers exceptionally.

Would you like to get more referrals for your small business? Then, read on.

First, as a small business owner you need to understand that without a consistent flow of high-paying customers, it will be hard to build a profitable brand. With this perspective in mind, you must be intentional about how you present your business to the “world.” The world, in this case, is anyone who might interact with your brand either online or offline. Being intentional involves mainly the simple things that many people don’t pay attention to. These simple things may include having a business email, the way you greet prospects, how you respond to inquiries, how helpful you, how prompt you are etc. These examples might sound inconsequential but they go a long way in creating the right impression in the minds of the “world.”

Once you are excellent with your presentation, the next thing you should pay attention to is your word and how you deliver value to your customers. People will refer you others when they know that you always do what you said you would do and even a little more. Keeping to your word may be as little as getting back to a customer when you said you will get back to the customer, apologizing from your heart when you are late, resolving disputes and the likes. Do not take customers for granted even when you’ve probably known them for a long time. People are watching both consciously and subconsciously and this will go a long way in determining whether they’ll send referrals your way or not.

Another way you can get referrals for your small business when you are the best at what you do. The competition in the business world is fierce and only those who are excellent can withstand the fierceness. Being sloppy in your work or offering services for which you are not well-suited for might earn you a quick buck but it won’t earn you a referral. If you are always struggling to get referrals from your current customers, it might speak to deeper issues with the quality of the service you provide or the goods you sell. If you do not have a big advertising budget that will secure you a space on the billboard by the roadside, you need to commit to excellence in your goods and services.

Other ways in which you can also earn referrals for your small business is by appreciating your current customers routinely (not just at the end of the year), caring for them beyond taking their money (like knowing what bothers them, sharing in their joys and pains alike), starting a loyalty or reward program and forming strategic partnerships where possible.


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