How to Get Started with Content Marketing

The first time I heard the term “content marketing” was when I attended a conference a few years ago. And because I am so passionate about marketing, I decided to attend one of the breakout sessions that was specifically geared toward discussing content marketing. When the speaker started explaining in detail, I realized that it was a form of marketing I was already using only that I didn’t realize it had a name attached to it. Marketing is one of the things I enjoy doing, not only for myself but also for others and because I love writing, I have always found a way of fusing great content with whatever it is I want to promote.

However, as much as I love marketing, I have realized that a lot of small business owners still find it hard to market their brand let alone use content marketing. This article is meant to explain what content marketing is, why it is important and how to attract and retain customers using content marketing.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on adding value rather than selling. I also like to define it as a subtle way of selling without appearing “salesy.” Content marketing positions your brand ass the go-to place because not only are you helping your audience provide solutions to their problems, you are also building an emotional connection with them which makes them always desire to come back.

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Why is Content Marketing Important?

In the past, sales and marketing were all about selling because most of the consumers were not aware that they had options. In recent times, however, the story is different. An average customer is socially conscious of the options available and with the constant access to the internet, many people can get answers to their questions at the click of the button. As a business owner who wants to build a profitable brand, it is imperative that you incorporate content marketing into your business success strategy so that your dream can come true. Content marketing is a tool for attracting and retaining customers while also building customer loyalty.

Getting Started

A lot of small business owners have trouble getting started with content marketing. They tell me about how difficult it is for them to know what to write. I teach my coaching clients how easy it is to write compelling content that attracts and retain customers and here are three (3) tips for you:

1. Don’t search, just draw: A lot of people think of content marketing as a hidden treasure that needs to be sought for, but it is not.

Content marketing is not a hidden treasure you need to search for, rather it’s a well inside of you that you need to draw from.

As a business owner, you know your business the best and you should use this knowledge to educate and add value to your customers. Create your content from your daily activities and be sure to carry your audience along.

2. Originality is key: Originality is the bedrock of content marketing, therefore, you should avoid writing superficial posts.

Use your own unique voice and watch real organic audience latch on to it. If your content is original, it increases engagement and the number of shares.

Each time people share your post, you increase the number of people you can reach organically. Organic reach is a big deal when it comes to building a profitable brand because people trust a brand more when it is recommended by people they already know.

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3. Plan it: Content marketing success as with any other type of success requires planning. Those that are getting results from their content marketing efforts do not get the results by accident. The results come from planning and intentionality. That’s what you should do as well. If you plan your content ahead of time, you will get results. If you want to get started with planning for your content and you still need a little help, I will recommend that you get a content planner. A content planner is like a guide that will help you gain clarity as to what to post, when and why.

Thank you for reading! What other tips do you have on how to get started with content marketing? Please leave a comment below and remember to share this post with a friend.