How to Handle People Who Belittle Your Dreams

One of the things I learned as a child was that words don’t stick on people. However, as an adult, I’ve come to realize that though words spoken to you might not stick to your physical body, words do have enough power to stick in your heart forever. Words carry so much power. The right word said at the right time to the right person can positively impact generations. The same is also true for the wrong word. That’s why when people say things meant to belittle dreams, your heart can be crushed to the point that you may feel like throwing in the towel.

How to Handle People Who Belittle Your Dreams

When you think about how to handle the people who belittle your dream, you must first understand that people have different reasons for belittling your dreams. For example, if it’s coming from your parents, they might be scared based on past experiences or they might want you to dream even bigger. If it’s coming from a sibling, it might be because of finances. If it’s coming from a friend, it might be because of the fear of the loss of the relationship. Wherever the belittling is coming from, most times it is for different reasons. That’s why you should not generalize and say things like “nobody likes me.” Maintaining such a stance is suggest that you are not secured within. Instead, learn to separate the behavior from the person. If people knew better, they would definitely act better.

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If you need coping mechanisms, here are 5 practical ways that will help you when you are surrounded by those who belittle your dreams.

1. Find a group headed in the same direction as you are: There is nothing as belonging to a community of like-minded people. This is one of the best coping strategies in a world filled with naysayers. If you don’t have a group of people who can serve a source of encouragement, your support system, and empowerment tonic, it would only be a matter of time before you get overwhelmed by the pressure that comes with negativity from the people who constantly belittle your dreams.

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2. Listen to something inspirational daily: You are what you feed yourself with. If you want more positivity in your attitude and life, you need to be constantly fed with positivity. This same principle can be applied to counter the effects of the words people who belittle your dreams speak to you. When you fill yourself more with inspirational and motivational speeches, you begin to train yourself to get drawn more to positivity than negativity. This habit will, in turn, become a lifestyle such that when people belittle your dreams, it becomes meaningless to you.

3. Detach your emotions: Detaching your emotions mean do not take things personally. This is very hard to do especially because we are made with feelings and emotions. However, if you truly want to handle people who belittle your dreams you also need to learn how to detach your emotions from the words being said to you. That way, no matter what people say to you, it does not move you a bit.

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4. Talk less: When you realize that people around you are more prone to belittling your dreams, it’s time to start talking less. Many people feel more threatened when you start sharing your dreams with them. In fact, when some people hear about your dreams, they become extremely uncomfortable and in order for them to feel more comfortable, they turn to look for ways to belittle in your dreams. Deal with them by pressing the mute buttons on your lips.

5. Let them go: It is a painful thing when those you genuinely love or those who you think should know better are the ones who belittle your visions and dreams. If you have people in your life who never take the time to understand what you do but goes ahead to belittle your dreams, it’s time to let them go. Letting go of people does not mean you don’t care, it just means you need time alone. Let such people go and see how lighter you’ll feel.

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