I used to believe that top-level success was reserved for those who were raised with a silver spoon. Not that I wrote myself off, but it was just that somewhere in my little brain, I never thought I could rise above the status of a local champion let alone think that my story could extend beyond Abeokuta (also known as Rock City), a little city in the South Western State of Ogun, Nigeria.

My life took a U-turn and my story changed when my husband and I relocated from Nigeria and we had to start our lives from scratch. During that process, I was privileged to meet an amazing mentor who saw something great in me and was willing to guide me through the process of making my dreams come true.

As the days flew by, I also got myself acquainted with messages from Jim Rohn, Les Brown and Brian Tracy. I remember hearing Jim Rohn say he dropped out of college at 19, Les Brown said he never attended college while Brian Tracy even worked as a construction worker at some point in his life and there was I,  a graduate with a Master’s degree thinking being a local champion was my lot.

I decided to pause and reflect. In my moment of reflection, I said to myself, if all these people could succeed against all odds, I had no reason not to. That was my eureka moment!  My mindset began to shift and I began shedding away and overcoming my limiting belief. I went through an entire process of tearing down every wall of limitation I’ve built in my mind over the years and started recreating my reality.

After shedding and tearing down, I then decided to rebuild. I replaced fear with boldness, self-pity with self-acceptance and excuses with action. In the process, I fell and failed severally. Each time, I fell and failed, I was quick to remind myself of Thomas Edison who failed 10,000 times before finally breaking through.

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Today, I look back with gratitude and all I can say is THANK GOD FOR THE PAUSE!! I feel liberated to now know that success is not reserved for special breeds, it’s for everyone and anyone who wants it.

Do you want success?

It is within reach, but there is a huge problem. Success is dependent on principles. If you follow its principles, it will favor you. On the other hand, if you don’t follow its principles, it will elude you.

NOW, I don’t know your personal situation but I want you to know that whatever it is that is holding you back – age, gender, location in the world, educational background or socioeconomic status etc – you can do more than you are currently doing and can achieve so much more than what you can currently imagine. The key is to PAUSE, shed every limiting beliefs and overcome your fears.


This year, cut out the noise, pause and reflect. Press that pause button right now, seclude yourself temporarily and spend time with YOU.

Discover (or rediscover) yourself, read as much as you can, look for a network of great minds (here’s one for you), actively search for great mentors and stick with them, restrain your wandering eyes and heart…follow very few people, believe in yourself and execute. Also, walk away from anyone who belittles your ambition or gets in your way of attaining great heights. You can do more and be more…and if you are ready to embrace your passion, monetize your skills, and build a profitable brand online in 2018, send me an email via right now and I’ll help you get started!

Question: Did you find this article useful?  Do/Did you have self-limiting beliefs? How were you able to overcome them? Join the conversation and leave your comments below.  Thank you!



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