As a business owner who wants to build a profitable brand online, reaching your target audience and getting them to know and patronize your business is always a priority for you. However, high advertising costs might prevent you from reaching your marketing goals. How then do you reach your target audience when you do not have much money to budget for marketing?

In this post, I will share some strategies you can use in reaching your target audience with a shoestring marketing budget.

The first step in reaching your target audience is to find out where they spend your time. Knowing where your target audience will largely depend on the type of products you sell and where your target audience spend their time. The answer will be different for different businesses. For example, if you are a photographer that caters to young couples, your target audience might spend more of their time on Instagram or Twitter whereas if you are a photographer that caters to the parents of the couple, your target audience might be more likely to spend their time on Facebook. Whatever your type of business is, you must first identify where your target audience are and then come up with a strategy of positioning and making your business visible.

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There are many strategies for making your business visible but the strategies I am about to share are centered on strategies that can be used when you are operating on a shoestring marketing budget.

First, invest in content marketing. Content marketing is great when you do it  the right way. Many business owners think content marketing is hard or that it is out of reach for them. It is not. Content marketing helps people to connect with your brand on an emotional level. It attracts your audience and takes them on a journey. Another thing that’s great about content marketing is that it increases your organic reach on social media.

What’s organic reach?

Organic reach is the amount of people that will see your posts in their timeline without you having to sponsor the post. Sponsoring a post means that you are paying a certain amount of money for your posts to be seen by your target audience. When you pay to sponsor your post, it becomes inorganic reach.

Organic reach converts prospects to customers higher than inorganic reach and that’s mostly because organic reach builds a relationship over time whereas inorganic reach mostly seems impersonal.

Your audience can usually tell the difference from a distance and because most people don’t like to be sold to, they tune your business out when they see your sponsored posts on their timeline.

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Once you are doing great on content marketing, the next thing you should focus your attention on is on email marketing. Email marketing is when you build an email subscriber list and use this list to generate qualified leads for your business who will eventually become your customers and then raving fans. An email subscriber list has been described by many experts as cash cows that can help you reach your business’s revenue goals faster than you would if you had a big budget for advertising.

An email subscriber list and email marketing campaigns help you attract the right audience that can help you grow your business profitably over time.

With email marketing, you can track the number of people who received your message, those who opened and those who acted. Also, email marketing is not affected by organic or inorganic reach. If you send a message to 100 people, 100 people will receive the message in their inbox, unlike a Facebook Page where you can have 5000 followers and only two percent of that, if not less, will see your posts. Some email marketing platforms include Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, Mailer Lite etc. Most of the email marketing platforms offer some type of freemium model that lets you test the waters before you commit.

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Once your content marketing and email marketing game is on point, another brilliant step you can take is to set up your chat bot.

What is a chat bot? The best way I love describing a chatbot is that it serves the same purpose as email marketing and not only that, it does so much more.

Chat bot enables you to talk to customers in real time in their messenger inbox, helping you close more deals and making more sales.If you are yet to set up your chatbot, you are simply leaving money on the table. 

As of today, chatbots are recording open rates of as much as 90 percent to 100 percent and the conversion rate is off the roof. If you want to see how a chat bot works, take a look at Onpoint Success’s chat bot hereTo set up your chat bot, go to ManyChat or ChatFuel


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