Each time you create a post on your Facebook Business page, you get an automatic pop-up that encourages you to boost your post so you can reach more people. As a business owner who understands that for your business to grow, you need to reach more people, you then decide to boost the post. You spend $20, $30 or even $100 expecting that by the time you check in again, you’d have truckloads of orders waiting for you. But when you check in to see the results, instead of getting a truckload of orders, all you get is “likes” and “comments” and you are wondering what happened. You are not alone! Many of the people who run Facebook Ads do not get results no matter how hard they try and that’s why it’s important to learn how to run a Facebook ad that works. After reading and implementing the steps explained in this post, you will understand how to run Facebook Ads that work.

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Defining the Purpose of Your Ad

It is highly expedient that before you respond to the urge of running a Facebook ad, you must first take the time to define the purpose of your ad. Defining the purpose of your ad helps you to come up with the best strategy.

For your Facebook Ad to yield results, it must have a purpose you want it to accomplish.

I find it amusing when I see business owners who when asked what the purpose of wanting to run Facebook ads is for and they respond by saying “I just want to try it out” or “I just want to grow my business” If you want your efforts to yield results, you must have a purpose for which you are doing it. Some great ways to define the purpose of your ad include, getting more website visits, getting more people to comment on your post or getting more people to message your business. Some questions you may also want to answer are “when people visit your website, what do you expect of them? Do you expect them to peruse your website? Are you trying to get them on email list? Do you have a deal you are trying to promote? Answering these questions will go a long way in determining whether your Facebook Ad will be successful or not.

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Developing Your Effective Ad Copy

For your Facebook ad to work, you need a copy. A copy is what your target audience will see alongside your graphic design when it shows up in their timeline. For your target audience to act after seeing your ad display, your copy needs to be captivating.

A captivating copy ensures that your target audience feel like you are talking directly to them and that it’s only your business that can solve the problem.

Your copy also includes your graphic design. Putting great thoughts into your choice of images and what they depict go a long way in determining whether your Facebook ad will work or not. Also, be sure that your graphic design contains limited text. Facebook suggest that the text to image ratio in your design should not be more than 20 percent. If the text in your graphic is more than 25 percent, it’s as good as paying Facebook in exchange for nothing because your ad reach will be greatly reduced and affected. Another point worthy of note is that you should come up with more than one copy of the ad. My recommendation is three but you can start with two. That way you can run the ads and then after two to three days, you reassess and pick the one which resonate with your audience the most. How do you know which one resonates with your audience the most? The one with the most “likes and comments” always resonate more with your target audience.

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Making Your Profile Ad Ready

Unless you are a known or popular brand, many times when people see your ad, they do not buy from you right off the bat. What people do is that they dig deeper to know more about you and your brand and the reason for digging deeper is not farfetched. Over the years there has been an increase in internet scams and consumers have learned to verify a business’s “identity” before they deep their hands in their wallet to do business with you. Is your Facebook page reflecting what your business stands for? Can consumers trust your business after perusing your profile? These are questions you need to ask before committing to running a Facebook ad.

Having a good offer is not enough, you must prepare your profile to impress a prospect.

Some examples of what prospects look out for is your “about” section, the type of graphic you use on your page, and the recommendation section. If you have no recommendation of other customers on your page, it’s a red flag for consumers. Another thing that consumers look for is your website. Do you have a website? And who’s the face behind the brand? You do not have to share your pictures but your “about” page must have a human feeling to it.

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Creating Your Facebook Ad

Now that you’ve made your profile ad ready and developed your copy or copies, it’s time to run your ad.

There are two ways to run your Facebook ad. You can either click boost post directly from a post you already shared or go to Facebook for Business. The steps described below apply to both ways of boosting your Facebook Ad.

Choose a location: The location tab is where you choose the locations you want your ad to be seen. This is driven by where you believe your target audience are. Your target audience does not necessarily have to be in the same location as you. You know your target audience the best so be sure to select the locations where you think they are in the world. If you have no idea or want to know more about your target audience’s locations around the world, check the insights section of your Facebook page or you can use Google analytics if you have a website.

Choose a gender: This is critical if your service is gender based. For example, if you only serve women or only men, you should choose either not both. Choosing both genders when you only serve either is a waste of money.

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Choose age: If you feel or know that your products are geared toward a certain age range, you should choose that age range so that your ad is greatly optimized. It’s also important that you prioritize the performance of your ad rather than just trying to capture everyone in your ad. Capturing everyone will attract the wrong people to your ad and that’s if they are attracted at all which leads to a waste of time, energy and money.

Choose interests: This is one area you should not skip. It is a critical area that determines whether your Facebook ad works or not. What does choose interests mean? Facebook wants to deliver your ad to those who are most likely to respond to your ad. This requires some form of thinking. In choosing “interests”, you must think solely about your target audience and what they are interested in. You can choose up to ten interests and you can try different interests per time. Over time, a trend will emerge and you’ll be able to tell for sure what the interest of your target audience are.

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Choose a spending amount: This is another critical part of setting up your Facebook ad. You must choose a spending amount. The spending amount will depend on your budget but I recommend starting small and one key thing is that you should spread your ad. What do I mean by this? For example, if your budget is $10, instead of spending the $10 in a day, you should spend $2 in five days instead. That way, you are spreading your ads and ultimately optimizing your results. Spreading your ads is one of the best things you can ever do to optimize not just your Facebook ad but any digital ad you might be running.

Enter your payment information: When you enter your payment information, you should use your business cards to pay for your Facebook ad. This helps you to keep track of how much you spend on the ads and help you to know if your ads are yielding results or not

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Facebook ads work but you must do it the right way. Running a Facebook ad without defining the purpose, making your profile ready or developing an effective copy is a waste of time. Use these tips to start running effective ads today.

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