How to Stand Out and Become Indispensable in the Workplace

In many workplaces across the world, each time there’s a financial downturn or there’s a need to cut costs, the first thing that happens is workforce reduction. That means that no matter where you work, there’s a chance that one day your employers might get to a point where they need to decide who to let go and who to keep.

The question now is, if that day ever comes, can your employer decide to keep you because you are indispensable? Or will they say, “wow, this is a great opportunity to purge you.” If you work in a place where you think others will be picked ahead of you in the event that people are let go, you need to start learning how to stand out and become indispensable. The good news however is, standing out and becoming indispensable are not reserved for people with special or magical abilities. Anyone, including you, can learn how to stand out and become indispensable. Here are 6 ways you can stand out and become indispensable at work.

1. Dress for success

How do you dress to work? Do you believe that people should not judge a book by its cover? In an ideal world, no one should be judged by their “cover” but you already know the world is far from being ideal. That means that most people which likely includes you, judge people by their cover. The cover stands for dressing.

How you dress says a lot about you and the way you dress is the way you will be addressed.

It’s the first thing people see and based on your dressing, they can easily form some opinions about you. Your dressing gives a sneak peek of your soul. People can infer your values and what you stand for based on how you dress and that’s why if you want to stand out at work and become indispensable, you need to learn how to dress for success. It does not matter if your corporate dress code is casual, business or formal, the most important thing is that you are properly dressed for every occasion. For example, it may be permissible to dress down to work on many days, however, when you have meetings especially with those who do business with your company, you should consider dressing appropriately.

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2. Perfect your relationship-building skills

In order to achieve anything substantial in life, you need to learn how to build quality relationships. Without quality relationships, your productivity level will be low and your performance will be lackluster. Some people are naturally born with relationship-building skills, while some need to learn.

Standing out and becoming indispensable at work requires you perfecting your relationship-building skills whether you were born with it or not.

A great way to start is to study people with great relationship-building skills and also reading great books like How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. This book is one of the books anyone looking to stand out and become indispensable at work.

3. Don’t attend meetings unprepared

Unpreparedness is the perfect recipe for stagnancy and irrelevance. If your goal is to be stagnant, irrelevant and unimportant then you can afford to attend meetings unprepared. But if your intention is to stand out and become indispensable at work, then you need to learn how to be prepared for every opportunity including a meeting.

Meetings are perfect opportunities for you to showcase your expertise and excellence with a small group of people.

Whether it’s a lower, mid or upper-level management meeting, always be prepared. People will remember you for your remarkability and this will ultimately help you to stand out and become indispensable.

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4. Know something about everything

People naturally gravitate toward someone who is knowledgeable.

When you know something about everything and everything about nothing, you stand out and become indispensable.

In your workplace, take it upon yourself to go above and beyond. Study literature and be the first to know about the latest industry trends and news. When everyone at your workplace knows that you are the “go-to” person because of your wealth of knowledge, it will be hard not to stand out let alone become dispensable.

5. Speak with confidence

Preparation and knowledge brew confidence. That’s why it’s important that you are always researching, studying and staying up-to-date in your area of expertise.

You do not need to be a Ph.D. holder to conduct research.

You can conduct research on your own using publicly available documents and information to reach certain conclusions. From researching, acquiring knowledge and practicing, you can begin to speak with confidence. Speaking with confidence is a recipe for standing out and becoming indispensable at work.

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6. Ask thought-provoking questions

The best way to spot benchwarmers is that they ask no questions and contribute nothing intellectually relevant to the workforce Asking questions shows that you are thinking and asking thought-provoking questions simply reveals that you are thinking deep.

Deep thinkers are assets to every organization because they are the ones who see things from a distance, predict the outcome and provide alternative solutions.

It will be a great disservice to yourself to be a part of any organization and for you not to be noticed. In order to stand out and become indispensable at work, learn how to ask thought-provoking questions.

Thank you for reading. How else can one stand out and become indispensable at work? Leave a comment and remember to share this post with a friend.