When I started building my brand, I started by telling stories. This was way before I ever realized how much power storytelling had on building a profitable brand.

I share stories about my dreams, accomplishments and struggles. In my mind, I believed that if I share my stories, it would encourage other people to go after their dreams as well.

However, as time began to fly by, I began noticing that the more stories I told, the more engagement I got and the more I converted prospects into clients. Most inquiries usually come from a story I wrote and that’s why I take storytelling seriously.

For this reason, each time I work with clients on a project, I always teach them how to leverage the power of storytelling in building their brands. At first, some people resist the idea but when I explain how powerful storytelling is, they embrace it wholeheartedly.

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The Power of Storytelling

If you have not tapped into the power of storytelling in building your brand, you are probably leaving money on the table. If you own a brand and you are wondering what exactly is the power of storytelling, below are 5.

  • It helps you capture attention: For you to build a profitable brand, you must capture the attention of your target audience. One way of doing this is by telling stories. Good stories help you capture the attention of your target audience
  • It makes you memorable: When you tell lots of stories that capture the attention of your target audience, it moves you from being just another person to being a memorable person.
  • It makes people relate better with your brand: When people read your brand’s story, it makes them relate better to you. Now, everyone starts to feel they are connected with you somehow and this drives them to want to do business with you.
  • It increases your reach: The more stories you tell, the more people you can reach and the more profitable your brand will be.
  • It earns you trust: When you tell your authentic stories, people will begin to trust you more and when people trust you, it helps you close more deals.

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Steps to Becoming a Storyteller

Storytelling is not as complex as many people make it look like. It does not require a special skill nor does it require an intellect out of the ordinary. If you are interested in using storytelling as a way to grow your brand, here are some ways to go about it.

  • Be open: Becoming a good storyteller starts from being open. If you are given to hiding every detail about you then you won’t get as far as you’d want.
  • Read stories: Whether you admit it or not, inspiration comes from reading other people’s stories. Therefore, if you want to become a great storyteller, become a great story reader.
  • Keep a journal: If you are just getting started with storytelling, keeping a journal might help you come up with beautiful stories over time.
  • Practice daily: Rome was built daily not in a day. If you want to become a storyteller, practice daily.

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As you begin to use storytelling as a way of building a profitable brand, always keep your focus on your real goal. It is tempting to drift from your goal especially when people begin to connect with your brand.

Always keep your eyes and heart on probably eating truly matter. Any activity that will keep you farther from your destination should be avoided as much as it lies within your power. Storytelling is powerful and when used right, it can help you build your brand profitably.

Thank you for reading. Do you use storytelling in building your brand? Leave a comment below and remember to share with a friend.


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