Meet 9 Nigerian Beauty Vloggers Blazing the Trail on YouTube

Did you know that Nigerian beauty vloggers are officially taking over the YouTube beauty vlogging space? The Youtube beauty vlogging space started booming around 2016 and since then, it has served as a platform where anyone from any industry can start from scratch and build their way stardom.

That’s exactly what a lot of beauty bloggers have done and today, you’ll learn about some Nigerians who are blazing the trail in the Youtube beauty vlogging space.

Now, you may be asking, who are beauty vloggers and what do they do? 

Beauty vloggers are people, mostly females, who record and post beauty-related videos and content online for consumption by their teeming fans. They are also known as beauty gurus and influencers. Beauty vloggers talk about the latest trends on everything from hair to makeup and clothes. As they grow and gain visibility, they have the incredible opportunity of working with high-end beauty brands and luxury hair companies. This allows them to earn money from sponsorship and affiliate opportunities that come their way from brands they promote and/or directly from YouTube.

Why Brands Work with Beauty Vloggers

Big brands have always explored different ways of connecting with everyday consumers and they believe that beauty vloggers have the attention of their target audience. This made sales managers to start reaching out to vloggers and offer them products to showcase in exchange for some type of compensation. In the end, it was a win-win for everyone in the circle.

How do YouTubers Make Money, You May Ask?

Advertisements. YouTubers get paid by ads. Google pays YouTubers 68% of their AdSense revenue and other ads are estimated to be anywhere from $0.10 – $0.30 per view. The more the viewers watch these ads the more the creator collects a profit. YouTubers also get paid for page activity, sponsorships, and personal merchandising. In addition to funding, there are ways for viewers to donate a certain amount of money to creators for content quality. So, if you love the beauty industry and you’ve been looking for a way to make inroads while also being able to pay your bills, YouTube might just be the way to go as long as you are willing to give it what it takes. 

1. Thebeauticianchic

 Total estimated earnings   

 $1.8 million

Thebeauticianchic is a well-known Nigerian makeup artist on YouTube who simply goes by Chi. She owns a makeup studio in the United Kingdom and One thing that makes her stand out is that she films makeup sessions with her clients on her YouTube channel. Chi has 732K Youtube subscribers and 117K  Instagram followers and is one of the highest-paid Nigerian beauty vloggers on Youtube.      

2. Jackie Aina

Total estimated earnings   


On Youtube, she goes by Jackie Jackie Jackie. She is a go-getter who promotes self-confidence and is an advocate of colorism. Aina received the NAACP Image Award in 2018. She went from serving in the US Army reserve to being a top-notch makeup artist, and now Aina is a well-known YouTuber with a ton of collaborations, she’s definitely one to learn from. She launched her eyeshadow palette with Anastasia Beverly Hills in August of 2019. Aina has an Instagram following of 1.5M followers and 3.32M YouTube Subscribers. She’s definitely someone you need to check out.

3. Patricia Bright

Total estimated earnings  


Patricia Bright lives in the United Kingdom and is a family-oriented woman with three Youtube channels. One channel strictly created for her fashion and beauty content, another is for family vlogs and her third channel which is fairly new “The Break Platform”. Is where she discusses finances, budgeting, and investing, Bright is a successful YouTube vlogger. The photo spotted above was from a photoshoot where Bright landed on the cover of Glamour UK in 2018. 

4. Peakmill

Total estimated earnings


Peakmill’s real name is Khadijat. On her channel, she discusses everything from hair to makeup and fashion. She celebrates her African heritage on her videos by dancing to Nigerian music. Peakmill owns a custom wig brand and has 1.2M YouTube subscribers and 708K Instagram followers. She’s rising at an all-time high. 

5. BeautybyJJ                                                   

Total estimated earnings 


BeautybyJJ’s real name is Jennie Jenkins and she is from the United Kingdom. On her channel, she talks about everything from beauty to real-life issues she faces. Jenkins is partnered with Stylehaul. She has collaborated with BlackUp, a makeup company, where she created her own highlight palette. Jenkins has 656K YouTube subscribers and 411K Instagram followers.     

6. Shalom Blac

Total estimated earnings  


Shalom Nhcom is a beauty vlogger based in the United States. She is also known as Shalom Blac. She stands out on Youtube not just because she’s a vlogger but that she’s a vlogger with a story. Blac is a burn-victim survivor who has overcome the beauty standard of the world. With her story and work, she has garnered tons of Youtube affiliations and she has 1.43M YouTube subscribers and 720K Instagram followers.

7. Lizlizlive

Total estimated earnings


Lizlizlive is also known as Liz Williams. She’s a resident in the United Kingdom and publishes Youtube content related to fashion, beauty, natural hair, and health. She has 70M subscribers on YouTube and 97.2K Instagram followers. 

8. Chizi Duru

Total estimated earnings   


Chizi Duru is a “naturalist” who vlogs on everything from beauty to lifestyle. Duru’s first video was recorded in May 2009 and the video showcased her working on her own natural hair at a hair salon. Duru is the creator of “Wearetheafrobrunch”, where she hosts networking events. She has 388K YouTube subscribers and an Instagram following of 129K. 

9. Dimma Umeh

Total estimated earnings   


Dimma Umeh lives in Nigeria and is a beauty vlogger with 321K YouTube subscribers and 136K Instagram followers. Uhem has a blog where there’s written content of her Nigerian/African lifestyle experiences. 

Why is Youtube the place for you, you ask? 

There are many reasons why YouTube is a place for you if you are looking to build a brand in the beauty industry. This is especially true if you are working on a shoestring budget.

YouTube gives you the opportunity to grow at your own pace. Other than growing at your own pace, YouTube opens the doors of opportunity for you. If you are consistent and produce content that keeps people coming back, your subscriber list will grow and the big brands will begin to reach out to you.

If you truly want to build a profitable brand, the beauty industry on YouTube is a great place to start!

Thank you for reading. What is one thing you’ll take away from reading this article? Please share it in the comment box below.

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